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What Is Going On With Amanda Bynes?

Each Celebrity Meltdown Seems Worse Than The Last

I've been trying to avoid talking about this because it isn't so much a scandal, nor is it something that should be taken lightly. Amanda Bynes is in the news yet again. This time, for allegedly throwing a bong out of a car window to avoid arrest. After her arrest, erratic behaviour and court appearance, she says that police sexually assaulted her and that was when she was arrested: after she fought back against the assault. 

This all started in 2011, when Bynes was first arrested for DUI in LA. Subsequent arrests lead to her having her lisense revoked. So, she did what no one would actually do; she moved to a different state. In her case, New York. Since moving, she's been forced to move out of a high-end apartment building for breaking rules, she's been video taped at the gym running on the stairmaster in flip flops, and she's taken intensely strange videos and photos of herself, all while attacking the media for making up stories about her and using bad photos. 

At first, I think I sat back slack jawed like most others wondering what the hell was going on with Bynes. Then, I started thinking, "this isn't really funny." Now, I'm wondering where the hell her family and friends are. 

This whole thing is just out of control, and with her arrest and bizarre court appearance last week, I wonder why her parents haven't rushed to NYC to be with their daughter. 

I wish I knew how to help her, but I don't. I don't even think I could get remotely close to her. Even just writing this post makes me worry I'm adding fuel to the fire here, but I think we need to stop looking at celebrity life as passersby at a train wreck and more as active participants in life. 

This will be the only time I write about Miss Bynes until she gets the help she so clearly needs. I don't want to continue to vicitmize her and I'm making a pledge that any other celebrity news like this will not be fed by me. Instead, I'll post about great things celebrities are doing. And I'll continue to talk about mental health with friends over on twitter on a very regular basis. Because it's more important that we normalize mental health and not stigmatize it otherwise more and more celebrities will end up in worse and worse shape as is evidenced by the Britney-Lindsay-Amanda trajectory. 

And if you see someone having a crappy day, or you haven't heard from a friend in a while, reach out. Just say hi. Everyone needs some help, sometimes. 

I just wish that someone would do the same for Amanda Bynes. 

So, spill it! What do you think about Hollywood scandals that center around mental illness?