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Talking Parenthood with Carolyn Brooks

Mom On The Road Shares a Fresh Parenting Approach


Recently, I got a chance to meet with four parents who also happen to be musicians, and was able to chat with them about touring, parenthood and if they have any advice or lessons they could offer being a parent in a unique situation. In the first of these chats, I met with Carolyn Brooks of The Good Lovelies. Caroline writes momontheroad.ca, a blog about touring with her daughter, Annie. 

I really loved getting to chat with Carolyn and am fascinated by and impressed with her ease in travelling around the world with her daughter, often without her husband or other family in tow. I also think she's very lucky to have bandmates who are so into helping with the littlest lovely, otherwise, the whole thing would be much more difficult. 

What do you think? Would you tour the world with your kids?

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