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Trying To Squeeze Some Alone Time With My New Baby

I try to be fair with both my daughters but it’s not always easy. It’s not my newborn. Infants are easy. As long as they're fed and clean, they’re happy. Toddlers, however, aren’t quite so easy. In fact, toddlers can be much more demanding. Mine is, that’s for sure.

The fact that my toddler is so much more demanding of my time than my infant is a huge source of guilt for me. I’m very cognizant of the second child syndrome and am trying very hard to not be another one of its sad statistics. But it’s just so hard! It can sometimes just be simpler for all of us to put the demands of my toddler ahead of my easygoing second child. Poor baby.

This is one of the reasons that I don’t mind the occasional sleepover at her grandparents for my toddler. They love to have her over and it’s also a nice break for her. More importantly, it allows me to spend some quality alone time with my baby daughter. Yay for grandparents!

I feel like second children just don’t stand a chance sometimes. I remember when my first was born, I would spend all day holding her, staring at her little face, and being in awe at every little thing she did. That’s just not a reality with the second child because now I have to divide my time amongst two children. When my toddler is at her grandparents though, I have the day to just cuddle my youngest and revel in her new-ness.

It’s all about the baby on these days.

I don’t worry about getting extra chores done or cooking an elaborate meal or paying bills or any of that. I spend it with my new daughter who is going to be an infant for only so long. I spend longer bathing her and marvel at every adorable fold of her pudgy body. I make time to give her a baby massage that she just loves. I nap with her sleeping on my chest because nothing beats the feeling of your infant peacefully lying on you. I take about a thousand pictures of her to make up for the days I’m too busy with her older sister to remember to do just that.

It’s not easy to balance my time with both children but I’m trying my hardest. And sometimes, a bit of alone time with one is just what’s needed for both me and my new baby.

Spill it! How did you get alone time with your second baby?