How to Encourage a Childhood Love of Music

The Toy That Might Just Bring Out The Momager In Me

How to Encourage a Childhood Love of Music

Encouraging a Childhood Love of Music

You know how everyone sings in the shower or in the car? Well, make that everyone minus one.

I don’t sing. Ever.

And it’s in everyone’s best interest.

Because my voice is just that bad. I’m tone deaf and even I don’t want to hear myself mangling beautiful lyrics. That would be a horrible travesty and I prefer not to be responsible for such travesties if I can help it.

The world owes me one for being so thoughtful.

While I’m okay with the fact that I will never be musically inclined, I refuse to accept the same fate for my daughters.

They will be musical geniuses. Or at least be able to tolerate the sound of their own voice in the shower. Either or.

The secret to this foretold future of melodious moments? The Fisher-Price Discover N’ Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym. Not so coincidentally, it happens to be one of the Fisher-Price Favourites line and for good reason.

It is ah-mazing and my daughter absolutely loves it.

I’m not surprised. I loved Fisher-Price as a child too.

Back when I was a young lass a thousand years ago. Yes, Fisher-Price was around even back then.

Anyone remember the Fisher-Price cash register? Seriously, how awesome was that? So technologically advanced for its time with all the turnkeys and buttons. I have an obsession with shopping that may just have taken root with that toy. Maybe if my parents had gotten me the Fisher-Price xylophone, I’d have fared better though. All my friends had that toy except me. That might explain a lot.

That brings me back to the Discover N’ Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym. I swear, I had toy envy when I opened it up. It has lights, music, a mirror, and toys. Everything but the kitchen sink. The Cadillac version of playmats.

My baby loves to play with the toy-filled arch above while kicking the piano keys with her feet. Her face lights up each time she realizes that her kicks produce music. I love the fact that she’s learning that her actions make things happen — cause and effect at its finest. Because the toy mat can be repositioned into three different modes of play, she doesn't just have to be lying on her back to enjoy it. She’s now old enough to play the piano sitting up as well and it keeps her entertained for so much longer than any other playmat ever has.

I also greatly appreciate that it keeps her happily entertained during tummy time, during which I just swivel the toy arch down to the mat. She loves to play with the large sunny mirror, adorable lion with a soft teethable mane, cute frog with colourful clackers, and the other various toys which are included with the mat. I’ve been trying to incorporate tummy time as much as possible in order to facilitate crawling, which still hasn’t happened yet! Her older sister was already on all fours by this age so anything I can do to encourage stronger motor skills is a huge bonus.

But seriously, most of all? I just love the fact that it’s introducing music to my child at such a young age. It plays up to 15 minutes of music that my baby enjoys to listen to while playing with the toys or just kicking at the piano keys.

Ah, the wonderful sound of music.

I definitely see a harmonious future ahead of her. She'll probably sing in the car and the shower too.