How to Look in a Mirror and See What Your Kids See (You're Beautiful.)

What Do You See In The Mirror?

How to Look in a Mirror and See What Your Kids See (You're Beautiful.)

Look in the mirror and see what your kids see | YummyMummyClub.ca

What do you see when you look in that mirror?

Look a little closer and tell me what you see.

Do you see dark circles and heavy bags from sleepless nights and endlessly long days? Or do you see glowing eyes that sparkle at the very sight of your children? Expressive eyes that have shed tears of exhaustion and joy from the abundance of emotion that comes with raising children. 

Do you see laugh lines and crows’ feet that have appeared overnight to line your face? Or do you see evidence of cherished memories and unforgettable moments, turning a house into a home? Visual proof that you love and are loved.

Do you see tresses that hasn’t seen a hair salon in more than a few months. Or do you see little hands braiding your strands as you revel in their playfulness. Your hair with the same beautiful shade as the ones you love the most.

Do you see breasts that have dropped a little lower than just a few years before? Or do you see your daughter’s favourite resting place for her tired, tiny head? A soothing and secure refuge for a sick, scared, or sleepy child.

Do you see a waist that isn’t as tiny as it once was? Or do you see a waist that your son comes running to wrap his arms around. A waist that waits for your child to come wrap herself around time after time.

Do you see hips that are more pronounced than they’ve ever been? Or do you see the abundance of your body that has brought miracles into this world? Hips that have held a child as you walk back and forth through the night to bring the only comfort you know how to share.

Do you see legs and arms that aren’t quite how you would like? Or do you see legs that are strong enough to hold you up when you’re feeling your weakest? Arms that can carry the weight of your children close to your heart.

So, tell me, what do you see when you look in that mirror?

Look closely again and you might just see what you’re missing.

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