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Finding Everyday Gratitude

A short list of things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for sticky hands that may leave their marks on the walls but still reach for mine when walking down the street.

I am thankful for pouting lips that cry often without provocation but still call for mommy every morning.

I am thankful for flailing arms that may tantrum without reason but still wrap tightly around me to express their affection.

I am thankful for innocent eyes that flash with anger when they don’t get their way but still search for me when faced with uncertainty.

I am thankful for tiny footprints that track in mud and snow but still run to the door as soon as I get home.

I am thankful for messy hair that gets into faces and places I didn’t expect but still retains that irreplaceable first curl.

I am thankful for inquisitive ears that pick up every bad word I ever utter but still want to hear my rambling bedtime stories every night.

I am thankful for little minds that ask hundreds of questions I cannot answer but still display the curiosity and innocence of the young.

I am thankful for a house that may be unorganized, cluttered, and chaotic but is filled with enough memories to make it a home.

I am thankful for too much work and too little time in long days that turn into years going by too fast.

I am thankful for a life that can be unbelievably challenging but is unparalleled in love and happiness.

I am thankful for children that may not be perfect but are so perfectly mine.

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