3 Universal Truths of Motherhood

There Isn't Much I'm Sure of, But This I Know.

3 Universal Truths of Motherhood

The Three Universal Truths of Motherhood

When you become a mom, there’s one thing you realize very quickly: nothing is for certain. You cannot be sure about anything, because everything becomes dependent on your children and their needs. It takes some getting used to, but eventually you stop fighting the battle and realize that’s just the way life will be for the foreseeable future.

Except... there are always exceptions.

And these exceptions are the 3 Universal Truths of Motherhood, and are what I know for sure:

Your body will never be the same as it once was.

You may lose your pregnancy weight, or you may not. You may have stretch marks, or you may not. You may have a scar, or you may not. You may birth a baby, or you may not. But know that your body will change. Your eyes will show dark circles for the times you were up with a sick child. Your face will show tell-tale laugh lines for the times your child has made you smile. Your arms will show definition from the times you soothed your child, cradled in your lap. Your heart will have expanded for the love you have to give your child.

Your house will never be as clean as it once was.

You will always have toys underfoot. You will always have dirty dishes in the sink. You will always have a pile of laundry that needs to be folded, or washed, or put away. No, your house will never be as tidy. But you will have original artwork to brighten the walls. You will have special moments captured and framed in every conceivable empty space. You will have the sound of laughter to fill the long hallways. You will have something so much more important than a clean house; you will have a house full of love.

Your time will never be as relaxed as it once was.

You won’t have the luxury of sleeping in. You’ll end up at far too many birthday parties that are far too early and far too loud. Your days off will be a blur of activities spent with other parents wearing the same look of resigned complacency. You will be tired and you will be busy and you will want just one more minute to yourself.  No, your days will never be as carefree. But you will have heart-warming memories to look back on fondly. You will never feel empty when surrounded by their tiny faces and holding their tiny hands. And you will be fortunate enough to spend your days with the ones who bring you more joy than you thought possible.

You will second guess every decision you make from here on in. You will always wonder if you should be doing things differently. Is their snack nutritious enough, filling enough, tasty enough, cut-up enough? Is their bedtime too early, too late, too regimented, too sporadic?

Yes, you will feel uncertain about many things. But your uncertainty will dissipate the minute you see them looking up at you, reaching out for your hand, and you’ll know that you’re doing okay.

You will be busy in a way you never knew before. You will be busy every minute from morning to night, and every minute in between.

Yes, you will be very, very busy.

But you will be busy in the most wonderful way possible: You will be busy building their future, one moment at a time.

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