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Pretty Purses For Summer

The Best Handbags Of the Season

I'm purse obsessed. You know how Carrie Bradshaw loved shoes? That's how I feel about a gorgeous bag. I mean, I started crying when I received a Fendi for my birthday several years ago. I get the same feeling of excitement every time I add a new purse to my collection. The thing about a nice, quality-made handbag is that it'll last for years. And years. (And years!) The purse I use almost every single day? My Louis Vuitton Speedy. It's been through everything with me. Since I'm a mom of two, you'll often find items belonging to my children in it, too. Things like crayons, ipads, and, of course, snacks, Kleenex, and LEGO pieces.

I'm always on the look-out for gorgeous new purses to shop for. Here are some that I've got my eyes on, that I know you'll love, too.

Kate Spade purse: I am in love with the colous of this purse, and I love that it can be worn either worn over the shoulder, or hand held. I love options! Also, it's perfect for summer. This purse sells for $368.75.

Banana Republic purse: A pink purse? Adorable. If you're not a fan of pink, not to worry, because this purse comes in a few other colours, too, including white, and bright coral. No matter the colour you select, they're all perfect to bring on your summer vacation, especially because it's a comfortable purse. Comfort and style for the win! This purse is $127.00 and worth it.


J.Crew Tote: I've always loved straw tote bags like this because they remind me of summer vacations and the beach. I love the ocean, the sound of the waves, and carrying a stylish bag that holds in all the things I need, including sunscreen, and money for a pina colada! This bag is only $80.00.  

Tory Burch Tote: You probably already know this, but I'm a huge fan of everything Tory Burch, and I can spend hours in her stores. I love her shoes, her accessories, and her bags. This tote is one I'd use every day. It's cute, and roomy. I need the space, because I carry a lot of stuff with me in my purses. You would be shocked at how much stuff, actually! This tote bag sells for $250.00.


Nine West Tote: This is the perfect tote bag to bring to the beach or pool while on vacation, don't you think? I love how roomy it is and I love the bold colours! It sells for $100.00.

 Happy purse shopping, everyone!