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Bradley Cooper Visits Victims of Boston

A big heart always goes a long way

In "gee, he's a really great guy" news, actor Bradley Cooper has been spending time over the last few weeks visiting with people who were injured during the horrific Boston Marathon attack a week ago. A mother and daughter, Celeste and Sydney Corcoran, were both seriously injured in the blasts; Celeste (mum) lost both legs below the knees and Sydney has severe injuries all over her body from being hit with shrapnel. The women are lucky, and grateful to be alive. 

Cooper has been at a number of memorials and interfaith services in honour of the victims of Boston, and by chance spoke to some relatives of Celeste and Sydney and agreed to come visit them at the hospital. Their family has a fund and website set up to help pay for their extensive surgeries and recovery including a website with a number of photos of the mother-daughter duo with Cooper. 

Not to be outdone however, outspoken talk show host Chelsea Handler has donated $25,000 to the Corcoran's recovery fund! April 23rd was also Sydney's 18th birthday. 

Stories like these in the wake of such tragedy remind me how truly kind people can be, and I always try to remember that we need to carry on the kindness not just in moments of utter despair, but we should practice this kindness and allow people like Bradley Cooper to lead by example. 

For photos of Cooper's visit to the Corcorans in hospital, or to read more about their story, you can check out their site, http://www.gofundme.com/CelesteandSydney.