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TIFF Roundup: Metalhead

Or: The time I went out alone for the first time in months


Having just had a baby weeks before TIFF this year, I decided I wouldn't get too invested and aim for a media pass. I don't have time to shmooze and all the rest this year, so I decided to take it easy and see what came my way. And I'm glad I did. A press release came to me regarding a movie from Iceland called Metalhead and even without reading the synopsis, I figured I'd probably be interested. Snow, heavy metal and real life with a strong female lead? Basically a movie made for me. 

I got to go to the world premiere and it blew me away. A few days later, I got to meet with the star, Þorbjörg Helga Þorgilsdóttir and the director/writer, Ragnar Bragason to discuss the film, their first time viewing the film with an audience and art, family and of course, heavy metal.

The thing that interests me the most about this movie, and what I discussed in the interview was the correlation between art and family and life. Ragnar mentioned to me, too, that the film, while a drama has some funny moments not because he thought they were "necessary" but more because life has drama and comedy and they are always intertwined.

The one thing that struck me about the movie as well, was how very foreign some of the ideas are in the film. The sense of community built around lead character Hera isn't something that I've really seen covered in North American film. She's an outsider and by the accounts of most people in the community, a total weirdo, yet, they still love and protect her. 

Of all the movies at TIFF this year, this is one I hope gets a wider release. Film making in Iceland is very young compared to the rest of the world and it's wonderful to watch these movies come out and make a splash on the international stage. And while Ragnar is quite well known at home, I think it's time he became better known around the world. 

As for my time alone? When I got home, I said to Matt, "I need that once a month and I'll be happy." Just 3-5 hours TOTALLY ALONE without holding a child, changing a diaper, cleaning up a spill and all the rest. I love my kids more than words but my god, the freedom of being alone was just wonderful. 

So, spill it! Do you go check out movies alone?