This Catch Phrase About Moms Drives Me Nuts

Do You Use It?

This Catch Phrase About Moms Drives Me Nuts

Mommy Juice

There are some catch phrases that start out cute and you're like, "That's so funny. I LOVE that expression. Say it again. More, more!" Until everyone jumps on the bandwagon and suddenly you're like, "Lop off my ears with a butter knife if you must, but please make it stop!" 

I'm not talking about grammar gaffes like, "I seen it on the T.V." or "That's what youse guys said, supposebly." Those are unfortunate linguistic errors that don't warrant mockery. That would just be mean. 

I'm certainly not a cunning linguist (as my friend Sharon would say). I write "LOL" too much and have a worrisome emoticon addiction. I also pun more than a person probably should. But I like to think I make good choices in the catch phrases I choose to add to my vocabulary. 

One phrase in particular that bothers me right now is... "Wine-o-clock." First off, it sounds like "Wino Clock" which says a lot. This expression implies that we're all counting down the minutes until we can greedily grasp a bottle of chardonnay and chug it post haste. 

But the expression that bugs me the most is the cutsie, "Mommy Juice." First of all. Eww. Eww as in the way "Ethnic Juices" makes me shudder. 

But also eww as in, wine is something we need to dull the pain of parenting. Parenting has its challenges, but really? Do mums need to be sucking back wine 24/7 to get through it? Ugh. 

It's not that I don't drink. I do. In fact, I may have recently discovered the simplistic joy of adding wine to my weekly grocery delivery. Just click, open door, clink. It's easy. Almost tooooooo easy. So I'm not judging. If I were to judge I might tense up and clench and possibly flinch and in doing so, spill my drink. So no judgment here. 

"Mommy Juice" just sounds gross to me. Sorry. And this is coming from somebody who generally rages against the plague of political over-correctness.

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How I Became a Party Mummy

My Blog Story

How I Became a Party Mummy

How I became a party mummy

This summer marks the six year anniversary of my appointment as "Party Mummy" here at YMC. So, I'm taking a moment to look back at why I love writing and living this blog. 

I’ve gained a lot doing the research for each post. And I’m not just talkin’ weight. I’ve learned about the technical aspects of event planning, wine making, food styling, and so much more. I’ve also discovered more about myself. Specifically, that I love to write, share, and create. If you’ve read any posts about my personal life, you'll understand how challenging these past few years has been for our family. Giving up my career was a toughie. But having this blog and the amazing yummy creative community that came along with it has saved me. I am so grateful.

Thank you, Erica, for taking a chance on me and for being a mentor and a friend. And thanks to the entire amazing YMC crew for their support, humour, and friendship.

My virgin blog post (below) ended with a comment about my daughter's love of being the “chip passer-outer” at our parties. Last week as I poured chips into a bowl for a family BBQ she asked, “We having a party mummy?” The chip bowl tipped her off. And guess who happily passed it around when the guests arrived? She's a party chip off the old block. 

Where it all started: Party Mummy’s First Blog Post July 4th, 2009

Are You A Party Mummy?


*FYI—I got teased silly about this original blog bio photo. All kinds of crude and suggestive comments were made about what I was holding in my hand. And those were mostly made by my mother! Haha!

Do you love a good party, but shy away from planning one of your own because the effort and expense seems overwhelming? Stick with me, fellow merrymakers and we’ll explore the DOs and DON’Ts of planning a fabulous party, without breaking the bank.  And, by “the bank” I may or may not be referring to breaking into my son’s piggy bank for cash to tip my hair stylist. What? As if you haven’t done that.

I used to be a Party Girl. I threw all sorts of parties. Big ones, small ones, even ones the local police attended. Who invited them anyway? Oh yes, the neighbours. Then I became a mom and developed into a more sophisticated hostess (unless of course you count the time with the tequila shots and the hot tub and the hysterical laughter at how dark my friend/very new mom's nipples had become. Not very sophisticated, but that’s a story for another time). Yes, an organized and refined hostess. I had become a Party Mummy. After our second child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, the parties stopped. There was no reason to celebrate.  

But in time our family pulled through, and slowly, in hesitant tiptoe fashion, my husband and I rejoined our social circle. 

However, leaving the house for an evening proved difficult. Though we rely on grandparents occasionally, I’m too nervous to leave my little girl in the hands of teenage strangers. Our solution?  We host get-togethers at our house—adult company with no muss, no fuss, no driving, and no sitters.

Since I left my job to stay home with our daughter, we’re now a one income family. I wonder, in uncertain financial times like these - and I know we’re not alone here - should “frivolous” social events be put on hold? I say hell no, but hosting a shindig can be expensive. The “Kris Kringle Mingle” I threw one year is a perfect example. “What can I bring?” the guests kindly asked. “Absolutely nothing. Just bring your festive spirit!” I answered merrily. By the time I bought the alcohol for the Frosty martinis, the sparkly stir sticks, the silver napkins and matching candles, fresh boughs for the table ,and of course the food, the carol, “Oh, Holy Night” that I had been humming in the grocery store was replaced by a more sombre rendition called, “Oh, Holy Crap.”

Whether it’s a big blow out or a small intimate dinner, you can plan an impressive gathering without having to pawn your wedding ring. If I can do it, you can too! If you own a cocktail shaker and you can shake it like you mean it, you’re a Party Mummy. If you enjoy making lists in any way, shape or form, you’re a Party Mummy. And more importantly, if you love connecting with friends and have the desire to bring people together, you’re a Party Mummy. It’s not what you serve, how fancy your dishes are or even which theme you choose (though, as a former elementary school teacher, a good theme gives me a rush). What people will remember is the time spent with you. Put in your best effort and make your guests feel welcome and they will love you for it. 

This blog is about sharing the party DOs I’ve stumbled upon and the DON’Ts I’ve stumbled over. For example, DO make an effort to add special signature touches to your event, but do NOT get so absorbed in folding napkins into lotus flowers that you leave your shower to the last possible minute and must greet your first guest in a bathrobe. At least I put a robe on. Hmmm, a nudist theme? Now there’s one I haven’t explored. I hadn’t considered shaking cocktails in the buff. Blech. Never mind. 

*Our daughter is doing well and she too enjoys a good party. When the doorbell rings at our house and the guests begin to arrive, she’s armed and ready to start passing around the chip bowl. Yup, this child is of mine is a Party Mummy in the making. 

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