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Heads Up: Hot Male Fashion Trend Seems Ballsy

Gives New Meaning To The Phrase "Fashion Tips"

I'm not a fashion blogger, but I know funny. And this fashion show - or at least the reaction it's getting - is hilarious. So.Many.Penis.Puns.Head.May.Explode.

Though not everyone agrees. If fact, there are a lot of people who have their knickers in a knot of over it. 

What has this tweeter so testi? Los Angeles designer Rick Owens, who spawned the hashtag #DickOwens after debuting his ballsy collection during Men's Fashion week in Paris, had many shaking their heads.

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Those with a passion for fashion seated close to the catwalk got an eye-full. However, according to audience members, it wasn't exactly a night out at the Fox's Den. Yes, there was penis, but sightings were elusive. You might see something, you might not depending on rate of swing, fabric rigidity and viewing angle in relation to the pant peephole.

The drapey designs favoured by celebs including Orlando Bloom, Usher, Kanye West, Jude Law and Jared Leto have been re-imagined, leaving a little less to the imagination. A few of the tunic style cloaks have strategically placed cutouts designed to provide a subtle view of Mother Nature's bounty—think twigs and berries. 

Photograph: kollektivnoir/Instagram/Instagram

Having your man goods swinging freely beside those bladey looking embellishments takes balls. Kudos to you, brave underpantless fashion warriors. We should also give this model props. Look at this posture—perfectly poised and fully erect. 

What did Rick Owens himself have to say about his eyebrow raising collection? Owens was quoted as saying, “Nudity is the most simple and primal gesture – it packs a punch. It’s powerful. It’s a straight world now. It says something about being independent. Who else can really get away with this stuff? It’s a corporate world! This was our private moment."

Yes, it was a private privates moment for about 90 seconds until the internet got wind of it. 

Whether a stroke of fashion forward genius or a cocky publicity stunt, Owens has us standing at attention. Good for you Rick. Women have been showing nip on the runway for some time, so how is this such a big deal? It's not like Bill from the office is going to show up for your morning briefing without briefs. And little Stevie certainly won't be wearing crotchless sweatpants in gym class any time soon. 

So I say, settle down peeps. It's just a bit of peen. 

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To view un-censored photos of the collection, click HERE

Were there jokes made about this 'length of this post', what to use for the 'header' image and 'getting it up' on time? Maybe. 

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Image Source: Instagram