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Harper Beckham's $8,000 Baby Wardrobe

How much is too much to spend on kid's clothes?

I do not hide my love for Victoria Beckham. While she's not my favourite Spice Girl (that honour goes to Baby), she's certainly one of my favourite style icons. She and I have the same style motto: If you get your boobs out, put your legs away and vice versa. This weekend, it has been reported that Mrs. Beckham has spent a total of $8,000 on her daughter Harper's wardrobe. In just 15 months of life. While I have no problem with people spoiling their kids, I do wonder what she's doing with the clothing when she's done.

To put it into perspective, Posh spends, on average, $533 a month on clothing for her daughter. This is about how much my entire family spends on groceries in a month. I'm not even sure I've spent that much on all the clothes Henry has considering we've built a pretty great baby clothing swap network with friends and family...and he's 21 months old! 

The report in The Daily Mail says that she also makes sure that Harper never wears the same outfit twice (something Posh does as well, I believe), so it's got me thinking — what the hell is she doing with all these designer duds when she finishes with them? I have absolutely no problem with people spending within their means (and the Beckhams are multi-millionaires), but since Posh has said she doesn't want any more children, I hope that she's donating at least a portion of the clothing she buys for her baby girl to someone — a nanny, a house keeper, friends, family — and not hoarding it for god knows what reason. 

I will admit, though, I am a little jealous of the designer labels in Harper's closet: Chloe, Stella McCartney and recently, a $285 Marc Jacobs dress. Lucky girl, that Harper. 

That is, until her friends start coming around asking to meet her dad. 

So, spill it! What do you think about spending over $500 a month on a baby's wardrobe?