Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Call It What You Will, Just Don't Call It a Sex Party!

Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Did you find out the gender of your baby before the big arrival? Our first child’s sex was a happy surprise. For our second, I wanted to spouse did not. So I found out and took a pledge of tight-lipped-ness. Mum’s the word. When our daughter was born, my husband was shocked – that our baby was a girl AND that I was actually able to keep a secret.

Though Gender Reveal Parties are hot (some people think they're weird), we obviously weren’t able to have one. But if you and your spouse want to find out the sex of your baby, here are three fun ways to share the exciting news with friends and family.

Gender Reveal Cakes:

Ask your doctor to write the sex of the baby on a piece of baby. Deliver this to a baker and have them make a cake -- neutral on the outside, but either pink or blue on the inside. When the parents-to-be cut into the cake, everyone will find out if a son or daughter is on the way.

Cupcakes work too.


Balloons In A Box:

Fill a box with balloons (or ask your friend-in-the-know to do it so you will be surprised) and open to reveal either pink or blue balloons.


Unwrap A Gift:

Ask your vault-like friend to wrap something like a onesie or a teddy bear (pink or blue depending on the gender). Mummy and daddy open the gift at the party and find out with everyone else.


Additional Tips:

If you'd rather call your party something else…because Gender Reveal does sound rather odd; you could call it a Lad or Lassie Party, a Pink or Blue Do, or a Daughter or Son Soiree. But whatever you do, don’t call it a Sex Party—that will surely make Great Grandma Gertie a little uncomfortable.

If you might be disappointed if the “wrong” sex is revealed—it’s okay, it’s normal and short-lived—you might want to find out the sex with your spouse privately before the party so you are prepared to celebrate when everyone else finds out.

A fun touch would be to have guests wear either pink or blue to indicate their gender prediction. The losing team cleans up after the party. Kidding.

If you plan to also have a baby shower once the baby is born, ask guests not to bring gifts to your gender reveal party. Or, if you don't mind gender-neutral gifts, you could include the "gender reveal" at your baby shower.

Looking for some fun baby shower games? (Yes! They do so exist ya party poopers!!) There are some great ones right here.

Photos: Gender Reveal Cake, Gender Reveal Cupcakes, Balloons


Authentic Irish Fare For Your St. Paddy's Day Party

Shamrock and Roll With These Tasty Treats

Authentic Irish Fare For Your St. Paddy's Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day is only a hop, skip and a jig away, so grab your shillelagh and let’s get this party started.

Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, is best known for having driven the snakes out of Ireland. Nicely done Pat. I hate snakes, but I love snacks...

Whether you're Irish or not, St. Paddy's Day is a smashing reason to throw a party.

You could go the traditional route and serve all-things-green.

Like this green velvet cake.

Or, you could serve authentic-ish Irish food; a tastier choice in my opinion. Here’s a sample finger food menu with recipe links.



Corned Beef and Cabbage Spring Rolls

Salmon and Dill cakes

French Fries With Dipping Sauces

Mini Shepherd’s Pies

Banger Rolls (sausage rolls)

Blarney Puffballs

Irish soda bread

Sweet Table…

Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake

Irish Apple Cake

Irish Potato Candies

Banana Cupcakes With Avocado Buttercream Icing

Wash it all down with a Black and Tan

PS How cute (and easy) are these green pepper Shamrocks?

And these shamrock chips made from spinach tortillas (cut out with a cookie cutter)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


March Break Brunch

Kick off the break by breaking a few eggs with friends

March Break Brunch

If you’re heading south for March Break, please bring me a jar of sand, won’t you? Or better yet, don’t bring me anything and instead when you return from your relaxing vacation, lie to me and say you were simply cross border shopping in Buffalo for the week. As for your bronze glow? I’ll just convince myself you bought a Groupon deal for a spray tan. I jest. I’m happy for you. Well, I am deep down. Deep deep down under my parka. 

Am I going away for the March Break? Why no, I am not.

I will be here at home, just like I am the rest of the year. The only difference is my children will be home with me. Won’t that be fun? Oh god, it’s gotten to the point where everything I write today sounds sarcastic. I AM excited that my kids will have a week off. No lunches to pack, no schedule to keep and the best! A mama gets lonely at home all by herself some days.

So, what’s a mother and her brood to do close to home during the March Break?

We’ve planned several activities including:

  • a hike and/or a trip to the zoo
  • a matinee at the cinema
  • pajama day
  • indoor mini-putting and/or bowling
  • a trip into the city on the train

And we’re kicking off this exciting with a March Break Brunch!  The guest list will include my neighbourhood mom friends and their kids.

The brunch is:

  • Casual
  • Potluck
  • Kid friendly fare—waffles, fruit kebobs with yogurt, bagels and “fun” cereal
  • Mom friendly fare—coffee *Baileys optional

Invite a group over for a fun brunch—end the morning with a play date and start the break with a bang!

If hosting isn’t your thing, take the gang out to a family friendly restaurant and meet up afterwards at the park or an indoor playground.

Happy March Break everyone (Yes, even you there in the bikini...I sure hope you don’t get a sunburn).

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