Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


Brunch for Kids

Kid-friendly foods for little fingers

Kids and brunch go together like peas and carrots (just don't serve peas and carrots at your brunch table because I can tell you...the kids won't eat them!).  Brunch is great for kids because it's easy (easy like Sunday morning*).

Inviting kids to your next brunch?  I've got a few kid-friendly tips (you know in case that broccoli quiche doesn't please the little masses).

Indestructible plates and lots of choice.  Be it made of plastic, corn or paper - indestructable plates will will save your carpet (and sanity).  Lots of choice is a host-must (plus, kids can have picky pallets and/or food sensitivities).

Kid-friendly Mains.  Homemade mac & cheese.  Bagels & butter or cream cheese.  Sandwiches with crusts cut off (tip:  cookie cutters make great sandwich cutters).  Pizza (tip: have the kids make their own with naan bread, tomato sauce and cheese).  French toast casserole. Pancakes.  BLT sandwiches.  Chicken skewers. 

Kid-friendly Sides:  Fish crackers.  Cheese (tip:  think outside the regular brunch brie and put out cheese strings).  Cut veggies and hummus.  Pre-packaged granola and cereal bars (usually nut-free and if the kids don't eat them all you can put them in school lunches).  Cut fruit.  Yogurt.  Formage Frais. 

Drinks:  Juice (grape, orange, apple and all very popular).  Water.  Milk.  Chocolate milk cut with milk.

I like to build in some entertainment while brunching with kids (really because I want to sit in peace and quiet with the grown-ups for at least 10 minutes).  So corner off a toy area for babies and toddlers (next to adult eating area so you can supervise little ones and eat at the same time). 

Put crayons and paper on an art table for kids to enjoy.

Offer the kids to watch a movie together (total treat!).

And remember brunch is fun...if it was work...we'd call it dinner.

*Argh! I have "easy like Sunday morning" playing in my head!