Dec 3 2013

Only You Are In Control Of You

Nobody Has The Power To Make You Feel Less Than

by: Sharon DeVellis

Caroline Eriksen Three Days After Giving Birth

This picture of Caroline Berg Eriksen has apparently sparked outrage in the world because the photo was taken three days after Eriksen gave birth to a baby girl.

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘fat shaming’ on the internet, most recently with Maria ‘What’s Your Excuse’ Kang. Maria was, in my opinion, very antagonistic with her picture because of the way she presented it. Instead of opening up dialogue she put people on the defensive.

Nov 26 2013

Five Things To Pack For Your Disney Cruise

Essential Items To Make The Most Of Your Trip

by: Sharon DeVellis

You've packed your shorts, sunscreen, and swimwear but don't forget these cruise essentials for a fun-tabulous time!

Nov 21 2013

Don't Wear Bulky Winter Jackets With Car Seats, Please

Life Can Change In A Second

by: Sharon DeVellis

Recently, there have been posts popping up about having your kids buckled into their car seats while wearing winter coats and how it is a safety hazard. There's a great post about it here that shows and explains exactly why it's so dangerous.



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