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A few of the books we can't wait for this summer.
A list of autism friendly attractions so all kids can enjoy experiencing new things.

Mix and Bake Chocolate Cake is moist and rich, with a hint of that mocha coffee flavour, and it is as close to as-easy-as cake in a box as you can get. | YMC
There is something inherently timeless and irresistible about a slice of moist, yummy and rich chocolate cake served with a tall cold glass of milk.
When everything else is a whirlwind of chaos, this one truth will keep you centered.

A woman from another drop-in center told me that it meant the world for these seniors just to watch little babies and kids play and laugh and sing.
I have a bit of a potty mouth myself, but clearly I didn’t realize how much he was actually taking in when I dropped the occasional F-bomb.
They're easy to make... and you might have all the supplies to make them already.
These three women who were present at the rawest moments of my life got me through them.