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how to find happiness and achieve joy
We think if we find balance we’ll find happiness but we’ve been looking at the equation all wrong.
A collection of great reads - beach, pool, or deckside - for your summer pleasure.

what is the belly button challenge
If you have a teen or a tween it's important for you to know about this new fad.
Summer Berry Crumble Recipe
This berry-filled dessert is great for breakfast - if you have any left after dinner!

preparing fun kids plates
Why do we feel the need to judge Every. Little. Thing.
I am so full of the words I’ve eaten since becoming a parent. A dictionary’s worth of words I’ve had to swallow.
Advice for new parents
Being a new mom is overwhelming, and you'll get tons of advice from "veteran" moms that will make you want to cover your ears. But before you do, read this.
Baby Shower Ideas
3 alternative baby shower ideas for parents who might already be set in the baby gifts department.