How Halloween Can Boost Your Child's Relationship With FoodInstead of stressing about candy overload, use it as a teaching tool with these go-to solutions to put an end to the candy frenzy.
husband, parenting, advice, toddlers, young kids, keeping marriage fresh, date nights, sleepless nights, interviews, jen warmanAn Interview With My HusbandA down-to-earth dad spills it on what fatherhood is really like.

by: Jen Warman

How To Be A Sports Fan Without Being An AssCommon offensive phrases you'll hear at sporting events and the creative alternatives you can use.

by: Joe Boughner

Why You Shouldn't Assume Your Child Can See ClearlyWhy You Shouldn't Assume Your Child Can See ClearlyI had my daughter examined at a young age for everything—hearing, motor skills, speech development—yet I never questioned her vision. Big mistake.
halloween_candy_repurposedWhat Should You Do With All That Halloween Candy?Devious ways to use up the heap of Halloween candy your kids brought home.
woman gets harassed on the streetWATCH: Just How Bad Is Street Harassment, Really? This woman was harassed about 10 times an hour for 10 hours which begs the question, how do we teach men this kind of attention is not flattery.

by: Mummy Buzz

Tilda Swinton as the Minister of the TrainGive Tilda Swinton An Oscar Right Now!If you haven't seen 'Snowpiercer' you'll want to watch it for this superb performance by Swinton.
teenagers halloween Don't Be A Halloween Buzz-Kill This is the one simple rule to follow when it comes to Halloween and teenagers.

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6 Travelling Tips When Leaving The Kids At Home This mom of six shares her survival tips to help make your life easy when you're away from the kids.
The 5-Minute Picture Perfect Nails Trick No time for a manicure? File this idea away for when you want to look polished but don't have the time.

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Spill It: We Want YOU To Write For Us

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Kale_salad_with_walnuts_and_Parmesan Game Changer: Kick-Ass Kale Salad Recipe This kale salad is so good your whole family will love it....if you even let them try it.

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Get Your Kids To Put Away Their Clothes With Laundry Tag

Tag, you're it! The easy way to get your kids involved with the laundry.

Halloween Cake Pops Boo! Halloween Chocolate Spider Cake Pops Turn a scream-inducing creature into a drool-inducing dessert-on-a-stick.
Sex After Having A Baby: 5 Things Moms Need To Know Sex After Having A Baby: 5 Things Moms Need To Know Having a baby will definitely change your sex life but that doesn't mean the change has to be for the worse.
Tips To Help Your Child See And Be Seen This Halloween Tips To Help Your Child See And Be Seen This Halloween Don't let your child's vision get in the way of having a spectacular time on the spookiest night of the year.
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If your child is a willing participant, here's how you can put an end to thumb-sucking.

ERICA EHM AND HER DAUGHTER What We Teach Our Girls By Getting Wrinkles As moms, role models and consumers, let's celebrate our wrinkles and teach our daughters that a woman's real beauty comes from the inside.

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