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Look South and Be Reminded Why You Must Always VOTE
On Tuesday, the USA held its midterm elections. Here's why that is important for us as well.
Enjoying a new relationship when you have kids from a former one is challenging enough; moving in is a whole new ballgame.

Is there a point in teaching our kids to write in script, just for the sake of sending thank you notes? Yes.
Braun MultiQuick5
When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I had two immediate thoughts: 1.) How are we going to afford university for two kids; and, 2. We have to move.

I hate parting with these mismatched pairs, but I can't live this way anymore.
With all of life demands it's hard to keep building and growing in our relationships but these simple ways make it easy.
When your child spends time in the NICU it can leave a lasting impact on the parents.
We've been fighting, but the only real change around here is the growing list of families who can't travel.