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If the kids are bored, why not check out these awesome attractions in our own backyard?
This picture, to me - and to every other parent of newborn multiples - is just too much.

We’ve tried to make sure that "do as I say not as I do" doesn't become an adage when it comes to sports. Joining our kids in being active is too important.
Stop Driving Like a Jerk
We were only a few short minutes into our drive when we were hit head-on by a drunk driver. In a split second, our lives could have changed.

Yes, you can get an entire actual house for less than a two crappy hotel rooms.
Use these YouTube challenges to have conversations. Don’t be afraid to tell kids burning their arms with an aerosol is all kinds of dumb.
Here I am. I’m not questioning my decision to be a SAHM, but rather, I’m wondering if my kids will be proud of my decision.
Do People Still Use Babysitters?
Has my generation ruined it for the part-time babysitter?