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A smart, child-friendly tablet for your kids could be yours to win in this contest!
We sit down, I hand him 40 napkins and say “Okay. We can eat on the new couch but PLEASE be careful.” Then we watch Netflix. Welcome to my Saturday night.

reasons to love fall weather
I love summer, but every year, as September winds down, I’m eager for fall again.
Looking back, these are the classes I’d actually take.

If your kids think of a computer when you mention apple, it's time to take them out to the orchard. But before you go read these tips to ensure a great time.
Terry Crews’ experience is being hailed as shocking, while countless female victims of assault are ignored daily.
He knows I’m busy, but even my cheerful, easy-going child has his limits.
Whether you choose to leave, have an amicable separation, or you’re blindsided by a spouse’s decision to end your marriage, this will be an upset to your life.