Nov 25 2014

6 Amazing Things You Can Do With Just One Finger

The Pointer Finger Is The Most Useful Finger You Own

by: Sharon DeVellis

Six Things You Can Do With One Finger

The other day I was cursing not having an extra index finger as I struggled to tie a bow on a birthday present. While the bow ended up looking like a 3-year-old’s first attempt at tying a shoe, it got me thinking about this amazing digit and all it can do.  Also known as the pointer finger, this leader of the hand is, dare I say, the most amazing finger you own.  Nope, this finger is not a one-hit wonder like its aggressive, road-ragey neighbor.

Nov 11 2014

Dear Parents: Sitting Still Is Killing Our Kids

Get Off Your Ass And Get Out There

by: Sharon DeVellis

child angry about change

There is an infamous story in our house about an epic meltdown by my youngest son because I made him walk home from school in a snow storm. In all fairness, it was an unusually bad storm with the snow two-feet deep by the time school ended for the day. And to be fair, the snow was more like ice pellet shots to the face than gentle flakes. Plus, he was little –in Senior Kindergarten at the time – which made it hard to walk in all his snow gear; sort of like a miniature Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, minus the smiling face but with all the anger and destruction.

Oct 24 2014

Social Media Overload: My Amish Rant Part 2

Say Hello To A Real Life Social Platform

by: Sharon DeVellis

I swear this will be my last social media rant for a very long time.

If you’re online as much as I am, you’ve probably heard about Ello, the NEW MUST-HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM IF YOU’RE NOT ON IT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ZOMG.


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