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Make A Date With Your Partner

A Simple Way To Reconnect

With Valentine's Day approaching people are starting to think about romantic gestures for their loved ones. While I love to make gifts for my kids like these t-shirts that make them feel special all year round, my husband and I aren't really into the romantic hype.

But that doesn't mean we don't miss going out to restaurants where crayons aren't provided when we're seated and being able to talk one-on-one with no interruptions. So in January I decided that once a month we were going to have a date night.

We picked a night that would work for both of us and wouldn't interfere with the things we love—him hockey, me speed skating. Then I texted my babysitter and made arrangements for her to come on that night every third week of the month. The planning is done, the arrangements are made, and we're able to reconnect and have some time just for us. The fact that it's the same night each month means we know well in advance we're going out. Simply put, we've taken the guesswork out of making a date.

If you don't have a babysitter, make arrangements with a friend to trade off babysitting services. You take her kids for a night, she takes yours. 

Valentine's Day only comes once a year. Doesn't your relationship deserve a bit more than that?