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Pump Dispensers And Unusable Product

Pet Peeve Alert

Do you know what that picture is?


Well, I'll tell you what it is.

It's about an inch of body cream at the bottom of the container that I can't use because the pump doesn't reach down to the very bottom. All those swirly markings in the cream are because I'm trying to scrape up the cream with the bottom of the pump. Do I even have to explain to you how annoying this is?

Because I will.

If you are someone who manufacturers a product that comes with a pump dispenser MAKE THE PUMP REACH THE VERY BOTTOM SO I CAN USE ALL OF THE PRODUCT I PAID FOR.

And if you are someone who manufactures a product that comes with a pump dispenser that DOES reach the bottom, tell me who you are because I will become a loyal customer.

Thank you.

p.s. Don't even get me started on how I can't find mittens for my son in January but I would have no problem buying him an entire summer wardrobe and 30 SPF sunscreen.