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On February 9, the Ontario government announced its plans to completely overhaul their funding for autism therapies throughout the province.

“Your daughter has the most stunning hair!” a random stranger says to me, while I’m shopping with my 2-year-old at Walmart. I smiled.
Twice last month, I was called fat as an insult out of the blue by grown adults.

Recently a friend tagged me in a new Instagram account that has been exploding in popularity.
I was recently visiting my mom in my childhood home when I decided to sneak into the basement and riffle through some old boxes. 
What goes on in classrooms across this great country of ours has changed significantly since I was a kid in the system 20+ years ago.
The first time I walked through the doors at the wax salon for a Brazilian wax, I felt strangely grown up and also weirdly and irrationally glamorous.