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Statue of Liberty and Manhattan
A recent craving for a four-night vacation with lots to see and do led us to pack up our three, ages nine, twelve, and thirteen, for a trip to NYC.

Life is all about connecting with other people, and sharing moments in time with them.
I didn’t vote for Doug Ford, Ontario’s new premiere. I don’t want to say ‘told ya so,’ but, told ya so.

Home Shopping Party
I really appreciate how you texted me the words NO PRESSURE (in all caps!) in your invite so that I could really relax and just enjoy the shopping experience.
Kids Playing on Playground
Times have changed, and now when we go to the park I can sit on the sidelines while they play.
There’s nothing like bringing a new baby into your home.
Woman Walking in the Forest
There is a growing body of evidence and scholarly literature that points to the benefits of regular outdoor experiences.