Are You a Chronic Bailer?Chronic Bailers: people who constantly cancel at the last minute - and guess who are the worst offenders?

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Confessions of a 40 Year-Old Pregnant Kindergarten TeacherFour of the really unglamorous moments of pregnancy

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115 Year-Old Woman Reveals Unusual Secrets to Long LifeIs this woman's daily ritual the secret to a long life?

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Is Today The Day Your Life Will Change?Some days are hard while some are overwhelmingly average but every once in awhile comes a day that will change your life forever. Like this one.

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Fifty Shades of Maternal LongingSometimes the Desire to Have a Baby Isn't Black or White - it comes in shades of grey
5 Ways to Get Sweaty with Your SpouseGet your sexy on and switch up date night. It's time to trade in the candle lit dinner for a hot date at the gym.

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A Simple Solution To Getting The Sex You WantThe Yes/No/Maybe wish list that can bring your sex life to a whole knew level.
Drugstore Fix: 5 Skincare Solutions for Dry Winter SkinFrom face to fingers, these are the products that will keep your skin soft and smooth in the cold weather months.

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YMC Blogs

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"The Wild Oats Project" - Memoir of an Open Marriage The memoir about a woman who lived alone and took lovers during the week and went home to be a wife on the weekend.
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France Seeks to Ban Super-Skinny Fashion Models The new bill could criminalize the use of underweight models.