Need a great breakfast hack? These 5 minute healthy Apple Oatmeal Muffin Waffles are the perfect grab-and-go food. Yes, you can cook a muffin recipe in your waffle iron! | YMC |
Yes, you can cook muffins in your waffle iron - in 5 minutes flat.
by: Paula Roy
This brownie recipe is actually healthy and dietitian approved! No refined sugar, coconut oil, and a full can of lentils means that this dessert is high in fibre and healthy fats. | YMC |
You won't believe that is an entire can of lentils in this mouthwatering chocolate brownie recipe.
 Almost-frozen banana and a dip of chocolate make these mostly-healthy creamy dessert bites an instant delicious treat. This recipe is super flexible-add any toppings you like. And they come together in just a few minutes! | YMC |
Craving something sweet? Skip sugary snacks and munch on this instead.
Rich and creamy, this hearty chowder recipe is packed with seafood and vegetables and is super quick to prepare. Make this with  just fish, just seafood, or a combination of the two, and this easily becomes gluten-free with the substitution of sweet rice flour! | YMC | Food |
Rich and creamy, this hearty chowder is packed with seafood and vegetables and is super quick to prepare.
by: Paula Roy
While most gluten-free muffins are dense and tasteless (not unlike a guy I dated once in college) these are light, fluffy, moist and remarkably sweet.
These Kiss Cookies have a super simple recipe. You can make this sweet treat that screams I love you! in no time, flat. | Valentine's Day | YMC |
A sweet treat that screams "I love you!"
by: Paula Roy