Replace foods with healthier choices as you use the old ones up. Here's why.
Mango salsa is a kid-friendly condiment that makes this fish dish a winner with the little ones who might not be persuaded otherwise! | Recipe | YMC
A kid-pleasing condiment makes this fish dish a winner with the little ones.
by: Paula Roy
This simple loaf is a great family baking project. And a joy.
by: Paula Roy
These lentil nuggets aren't just vegan and school safe! Packed full of protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals, they are filling, energy-sustaining, healthy and nutritious (not to mention delicious). | YMC
School-safe nutritional powerhouses perfect for the whole family - including your baby!
McDonald's, A&W and Wendy's also had the literal business balls to say that the percentage of chicken in a chicken sandwich was proprietary information.
These easy chocolate chip cookies are made in one bowl, in just 15 minutes. And they're dietician approved as part of a healthy diet with dessert in moderation. | YMC
Teaching moderation--that all foods can fit--is an important lesson and that will benefit their eating habits and relationship with food long term.