Writers Guidelines

Part of being part of YummyMummyClub.ca is sharing your experiences and expertise with other multi-tasking mamas. Cuz Mummies do know best.

It’s our mandate is to provide an online destination for modern mothers to find stimulating, relevant, sexy articles that resonate with the woman in every mom. This is not a parenting how-to website. Rather, it's a much-need cheeky online resource for surviving Motherhood and rediscovering our sexy selves.

Two kinds of Yummy Articles we love…

1. First Person Yummy Mummy Experience
Ok, so you say you're not an expert. You haven't earned any degrees in "mom-ology." We don't care. Anyone who survives the first 3 months with a newborn is an expert in our eyes. Your story is the one we want to hear. Happy, sexy, terrifying or tiring, connect it to our monthly theme (see our Editorial Calendar) and spin your yummy tale for us.

2. No, Really I am an Expert
Perhaps you run a company, wrote a book, created a website, developed a product, discovered a secret, earned a degree, or are just tapped into the stream of yummy mummy knowledge. You are a prime candidate to share your Top Tips on the subject you are passionate about.

Length: Yummy Mummies don't have a lot of time to read—and you probably don't have a lot of time to write, so keep it short and sweet. An article of 400 words works well on our pages.

Tone: Yummy Mummies who visit our site are often exhausted, overwhelmed and under pressure. So, we need to keep the tone playful, sexy and very conversational. Don't worry about sounding smart. We already know you are. Instead, entertain us with your amazing ability to share your story and ideas in an easy to read style reminiscent of Sex in the City—NOT Family Circle. Think Adult.

How to Submit: Once you've created your mini mummy masterpiece, simply follow our easy submission process and you're done! Click here to submit your article.

Who Owns What: If we choose to publish your article, it still belongs to you cuz you wrote it. But, by submitting it to Yummy Mummy Club, you allow us to republish it under the Yummy Mummy Club banner in other publications—but you will always have a writer’s credit. Also, we might edit your article to make it even yummier.

Mummy and her Money: At this point in our evolution, we do not pay for articles. But we do promote everyone who writes for us. So take advantage of the Yummy Mummy Club to share your story, your ideas and your website.

Before you Start: We don't want you to waste your time. Before you write, why not send a quick email to our Editor-in-Chief, Jeni Marinucci at jenim@yummymummyclub.ca and tell her what you're planning on submitting. She's actually quite nice, except when her children don't want to do their homework, and then we're all in big trouble.

What Should you Write About: Each month is a different theme relevant to yummy mummies' multi-tasking lives…Check out our Editorial Calendar!