A Dog's Purpose
This movie was supposed to be a heartwarming story about the connection between dogs and humans but where was that connection for this German Shepherd.
Sophie the Giraffe toys everywhere are being cut into and mold is being found inside.

Valentines Day for Kids
Everything Valentines day now is targeted at kids, and I think it's time we take one holiday back for us adults.
McDonalds Allergies
New menu and policy changes re: packaging of nuts

Getting control of your debt
If you spent way too much this past holiday season, you may be feeling especially blue this week but there are steps you can take to feel better.
feeding formula doesn't make you the devil
Breast may be best, but who gives a sh*t?
The honest and raw truth about weird and gross side effects you might have while pregnant, as told in memes.
Cauliflower Recipes for Kids
An easy way to get your kids to eat more vegetables!
by: Paula Roy