Aug 14 2014

Will You Make One Promise That Could Save Many Lives?

It Takes Only A Few Seconds To Ruin Your Life

by: Sharon DeVellis


A few days ago my husband took my son to the skateboard park. When they got home, my youngest said to me, “When dad and I were coming back from the skate park some guy was texting and driving and almost ran into us.”

Driver distraction is a factor in about 4 million motor vehicle crashes in North America each year.

Aug 11 2014

Why I Stopped Making My Kids Do Their Homework

And No, It Didn't Screw Up Their Entire Education

by: Sharon DeVellis

why I stopped making my kids do homework

My son got more homework in grade one than he did in grade seven.

He, in fact, got so much homework in grade one that it made him hate school. For seven months we would sit together and do math, spelling, writing, and whatever else was sent home. Sometimes those "ten minutes" of assigned homework translated into sitting at the kitchen table for HOURS. Oftentimes there were tears—mostly mine. It's all a bit of a blur as I took a liking to absinthe that year.

Jul 28 2014

Dear Parents: It's Just All About Having Common Sense

Labels Are Only Good When You Don’t Want To Confuse Sugar And Salt

by: Sharon DeVellis

Dear Parents: Just Use Common Sense

It seems there’s been a lot of chatter on YMC about Free-Range parenting.

Hailey wants to be a free-range parent but can’t let go.

Jen Warman is leaning towards the free-range-ish side.


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Sharon is a Common Sense Parent which is somewhere in between being free-range and helicopter. She believes in being active as a family and eating well 85% of the time. The other 15% is for the days when she's PMSing and then all bets are off. So far her parenting style has worked wonders for her two boys who astound her on a daily basis but that's not to say she doesn't have time to totally screw it up. She can't teach you how to keep your house clean while balancing a job and motherhood but if you're a mom who's struggling to figure it out, you've found your tribe.

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