Dec 18 2013

Six Parenting Truths About Christmas

It's Not Always Holly and Jolly

by: Sharon DeVellis

Six Truths About Christmas

No matter how well-intentioned you are when you start out, your last three gifts will look like they were wrapped by a drunken frat boy.

99% of parents want to leave the school Christmas concert as soon as their child has performed.

Baileys in your Christmas morning coffee seems like a good idea until about 11:00am when you want to go back to bed.

Dec 13 2013

Turbo Fast = Turbo Fun

Coming To Netflix December 24th

by: Sharon DeVellis

A Review Of Turbo FAST on Netflix

Netflix is known for its original series. I know I’m not the only one who spent a week glued to her computer watching episode after episode of Orange Is The New Black.

Now, on December 24th, Netflix is launching its first-ever original series for kids, Turbo FAST.

Based on the movie Turbo that was released earlier this year, Turbo FAST centres around Turbo and his snail crew as they go on adventures and take on crazy challengers.

Dec 8 2013

Ross Petty’s The Little Mermaid

The Show That Will Hook You In

by: Sharon DeVellis

Ahoy, mateys! Are you feeling crabby because winter break is almost here, and you don’t know what to do with the kids for two weeks? It’s time to get schooled in family fun!



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