Mar 25 2014

The Easiest Cheesy Recipe You’ll Ever Make

Because Your Kids Will Make It For You

by: Sharon DeVellis

Kraft Cheesy Egg In A Bowl Recipe

One of the many great things my parents taught me was how to cook. From the age of 11, once a week I was responsible for finding a recipe, ensuring we had all the ingredients (and adding them to our weekly grocery list if we didn’t), cooking the meal, and cleaning up afterwards.

I remember being in that kitchen, feeling like Cinderella and my parents were the meanest parents in the land.

Mar 21 2014

Have You Ever Unintentionally Made Your Child Afraid?

It Still Hurts My Heart That I Made Him Fearful

by: Sharon DeVellis

Last summer, two men in our community drove around in a white van trying to entice kids to get in. Police issued warnings and it was covered in our local paper several times.

Mar 13 2014

The Innocuous Word That Can Damage Your Relationships

Three Little Letters That Can Cause Big Arguments

by: Sharon DeVellis

You’ve used it, I’ve used it. It’s an innocuous three letter word, a word we’ve all used at one time or another. Yet these three letters are the biggest cause of, or continuation of, arguments because it is the word that negates everything you've said previous to it.

What is it, you ask?


Think about it.



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