Mar 15 2015

Parents: The March Break Pledge You Need to Take

Save Your Sanity With These Promises

by: Sharon DeVellis


I've lived through enough March Breaks to know we parents sometimes set the bar too high.  We get ideas on Pinterest and Facebook and we are determined to make this the BEST MARCH BREAK EVER.

As someone who has now survived (and thrived) through ten March Breaks, take it from me - the kids don't remember the perfectly painted crafts or the carefully planned outings so much as they remember the little moments of laughter and how you let them sleep in a fort made of blankets and cushions - a fort they created on their own.

Mar 6 2015

It Takes a Village to Raise Kids. Sometimes They're Wrong.

But It’s CPS that Needs To Get Their Head Out Of Their Ass

by: Sharon DeVellis


Can we stop getting so angry when people care enough to get involved?

Young kids playing on their own is back in the news again.

This time the two kids in question are ages 10 and six.  Last November their mom, Danielle Meitiv, let the brother and sister play at the park alone. Someone noticed the two children were unsupervised and called the authorities. This then led to an investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS).

Feb 20 2015

I Am the Parent of a Wanderer

Let's offer compassion instead of judgment

by: Sharon DeVellis

I was a sleep walker.

My mom used to tell me funny stories about my night time walkabouts when I was a kid. Like the time I peed in the garbage can in the kitchen thinking it was a toilet. Or how I once came downstairs at 10pm requesting tomato soup, unaware of the fact that I was sleeping.


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