Dec 21 2012

Multicolor Engine

Welcome To My New Addiction

by: Sharon DeVellis

It's no secret I love StumbleUpon but every once in awhile I come across a gem that I bookmark, this was one of them. It's MulticolorEngine. What is it exactly? In their words,"We extracted the colors from 10 million Creative Commons images on Flickr. Search this collection by color. Addictive and very likely the best color search engine in the world*!"

Addictive is right. You pick colour combinations (up to five colours) and adjust the hues to your liking to make the most beautiful images ever. 

I don't even want to tell you the number of hours I've wasted. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Dec 19 2012

Writing About My Children

Telling Stories That Are No Longer My Own

by: Sharon DeVellis

Lately I’ve been struggling with writing about my boys. When I first started blogging they were young, a toddler and baby. The stories I told may have been about them but they also were mine. When they didn’t sleep through the night, it was also about my own sleep deprivation. When they fought, it included my frustration.

Now they are older, boys with opinions and experiences all their own and those stories no longer belong to me–they belong to them.

For the past year if I’ve written about either of them I have asked them to read it before I hit publish, they get to decide if it will be put out there. But now that’s not sitting comfortably with me either. They are children who have no idea what the ramifications are of me writing their stories for the world to see, stories that will be out there forever. I’m an adult and I don’t really know the ramifications myself.  This is the first generation of kids growing up whose lives have been lived on the internet—the good, the bad, the funny, the sad—it’s all out there. And none of us has any idea how it will affect them as adults or if there will be any consequences at all.

I feel it’s unfair of me to put them in the position of saying yes or no to something that may or may not have an impact on them in the future. Already my oldest is googling himself. Right now he’s proud of his stories but I wonder if that will be the case when he is an adult. Or when his future employer googles him.

I don’t know. I’m struggling. Struggling with whether I should continue to write about my boys. Being a mother is a fundamental part of who I am. How do I write about being a mother without including the two children I’m raising?

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. I’ve spoken with other mothers who are at this crossroad as well. It was easy when they were babies and toddlers but now? Now their stories are their own and I wonder if by writing those stories, I’m taking something I have no right to.

Dec 14 2012

Personalized iPod Case

A Perfect Fit For A Stocking

by: Sharon DeVellis

You're probably close to being done your Christmas shopping, right? 

Ya, me either.

But I've got some of the major stuff including an iPod for Son No. 2, and yes, I struggled with that one because I really don't believe kids need as much tech as they have access to, but I digress.

Last year when I dropped my phone I learned you want to purchase a cover for any techy hand-held devices, especially when tiny hands and expensive gifts are involved. 

Ta da!

This personalized case is from a company called Kathy & Kim Originals. They make super cute personalized items including lunch bags, water bottles (one of which I own), tablet sleeves and yes, iPod and iPhone cases. They kindly gave me a personalized one for my son which was delivered to my house with a very nice note and like the idiot I am, left it sitting on my desk where he read it and discovered he was getting an iPod which I then covered up with the most elaborate lie ever created.

So the iPod is still a surprise.

Unless he reads my blog and then I'm screwed.

The point is, if you are going to spend that much money on a tech device, these are super cute cases that will help protected it and make a great stocking stuffer. You can still order online until December 17th.



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