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Personalized iPod Case

A Perfect Fit For A Stocking

You're probably close to being done your Christmas shopping, right? 

Ya, me either.

But I've got some of the major stuff including an iPod for Son No. 2, and yes, I struggled with that one because I really don't believe kids need as much tech as they have access to, but I digress.

Last year when I dropped my phone I learned you want to purchase a cover for any techy hand-held devices, especially when tiny hands and expensive gifts are involved. 

Ta da!

This personalized case is from a company called Kathy & Kim Originals. They make super cute personalized items including lunch bags, water bottles (one of which I own), tablet sleeves and yes, iPod and iPhone cases. They kindly gave me a personalized one for my son which was delivered to my house with a very nice note and like the idiot I am, left it sitting on my desk where he read it and discovered he was getting an iPod which I then covered up with the most elaborate lie ever created.

So the iPod is still a surprise.

Unless he reads my blog and then I'm screwed.

The point is, if you are going to spend that much money on a tech device, these are super cute cases that will help protected it and make a great stocking stuffer. You can still order online until December 17th.