Jan 16 2014

How To Make Your Mornings Less Stressful

Start Your Day Off With A Smile

by: Sharon DeVellis

How To Start Your Morning With Less Stress

Listen, I know I’m not going to win any fans with this, but if you want to be less stressed and enjoy your mornings more, try getting up earlier. And I don’t mean waking up earlier, being in complete denial, and trying to fall back asleep. I mean actually getting out of bed.

Jan 14 2014

Introducing #YMC411

How Can I Help You?

by: Sharon DeVellis

#YMC411 I'm Here To Help

If you don’t already know, I’m the voice behind @YMCBuzz.

Jan 2 2014

Six Truths About Life

Grocery Store Lineups, Smiling At Strangers, and Lego Pain

by: Sharon DeVellis


If you smile at strangers 9 out of 10 will smile back. The 10th will give you a look that says “I think you’re a serial killer” and will avoid eye contact at all costs.

Head Tilt

The degree to which a person tilts his or her head when you’re describing something going on in your life is directly correlated to how f*cked up your life actually is.

Forgot to email your boss a report that was due two hours ago: Slight tilt = Meh, not a big deal



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