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Valentine's Day Gift For Children

Simple, Easy and Inexpensive

This is a super simple gift anyone can make even those of us with little to no crafting skills, i.e. Me!  The bonus is, my kids love these tees. Son No. 2 still refers to himself as a Puzzle Ninja (top right hand corner of the first t-shirt). 

Items needed:

Cotton t-shirts
Fabric Pen
Large hardcover book

Step One: Prewash the shirts.  I'm not sure why but every instructional I've ever read that involves items of clothing says to prewash the clothing so I'm just going to go with it.

Step Two: Pull the freshly washed and dried t-shirt tightly around a hardcover book.  This just makes it easier to write as the material pulls if you just have it laid out on a table.

Step Three: Write phrases and words that describe your child.

Step Four:  That's it, you're done!

Because Son No. 1 likes to wear suits, I'm thinking of doing his on a tie this year. Or if your child is a bit older and would be embarrassed to wear a shirt that so proudly proclaims his or her awesomeness, what about writing the phrases on the inside of a baseball hat or on a pillowcase?

Every child likes to feel unique so this year pick up a fabric pen and a t-shirt and for less than $10.00, you can make them feel special all year round.

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