Dec 30 2013

My One Word For 2014

I Blame You, Buzzfeed!

by: Sharon DeVellis

Every year instead of making a New Year’s resolution, I come up with a word for the year.

In 2012 that word was “Try.”

In 2013 it was “Fortitude” and my slogan was putting the FU in Fortitude, and I'm not gonna lie...I kinda did.

Dec 20 2013

How to Prepare Your Child for a Food Allergy Challenge

And how you can learn from the mistake I made

by: Sharon DeVellis

How to Prepare Your Child for a Food Allergy Challenge

When Adam was a toddler, he was diagnosed as having severe allergies to all nuts, eggs, shellfish, wheat, dairy, and strawberries. That was the day carrying an EpiPen (epinephrine auto-injector), reading food labels, asking about ingredients, and always being vigilant about the food he came into contact with became a part of our lives.

Dec 20 2013

No Technology or Television: Part 2

The Good, The Bad, And The Holidays

by: Sharon DeVellis

Find out what happens when a family stops using tech

We’re almost two months in to our house rule of “No Technology or Television” Monday to Friday.

The Good

The good is that we are spending more time together as a family. We talk more and I’ve laughed with my kids more in the past two months than previously when we were all hooked into computer screens.



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