Dec 15 2014

Grief, Loss, and the Holidays: Heartfelt Advice to Help You

How you can get through the holiday season after losing a loved one

by: Sharon DeVellis

dealing with loss and grief during holidays

My mom passed away less than a month before Mother’s Day making that Mother's Day the second worst day of my life. That first year with my mom gone was like a punch to the stomach on every holiday and celebration she missed. But there are a few things I learned and I hope it helps those of you who are grieving this holiday season.

Dec 8 2014

Happy Festivus! 4 Fun "Feats Of Strength" for Your Family

Because Kids Don't Make Good Wrestlers

by: Sharon DeVellis

Festivus Feats Of Strength For The Whole Family

                                 I got a lot of problems with you people!
                                                   Frank Costanza


Festivus began in 1997 after it was featured in a Seinfeld episode and is celebrated on December 23rd each year. What started as a television show lark has now become a tradition for many families around the world because really….WHO DOESN’T HAVE GREIVANCES TO AIR?

Nov 26 2014

5 Hot Gifts For Cold Arena Moms (Plus A Bonus)

Nothing Says Cushie Like A Heated Tushie

by: Sharon DeVellis

arena mom gifts

I have been going to arenas to watch my boys participate in cold sports for seven years and for the past two years I’ve spent, on average, approximately eight hours a week in a cold arena. This makes me somewhat of an expert on how to stay warm and comfortable in the cold harsh climate known as the Canadian arena.

If you have an arena mom in your life, skip the jewelry and spa gift certificates this year* these are the gifts she’s going to want this holiday season.


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