Jan 19 2015

New Parents: These are the Moments You'll Want to Remember

Record These In Your Mind Because You Never Know When They'll be Gone

by: Sharon DeVellis

Remember The Lasts Because They Disappear

When my sons were born I recorded everything – first smiles, first foods, first words, first steps. Everything was photographed and written down so I’d never forget.

We do that, us parents. We want to remember everything and to this day I still look back and it makes me smile to see those images and words. It’s the one piece of advice all new parents are given: record everything and take more pictures than you think are necessary because the time flies by faster than you’ll ever realize.

Jan 1 2015

Hey, Quitter. I'm Talking To You

5 Quick Tips To Help You Stick To Your Fitness Plan

by: Sharon DeVellis

5 Quick Tips To Help You Stick To Your Fitness Plan

Every January thousands of people make the resolution to get fit but by the end of the month, enthusiasm has diminished, newly purchased treadmills start to gather dust and dreams of running a marathon are replaced with Netflix marathons.

From someone who has been there, done it, and struggled along the way, these are quick and easy tips to help make being healthy more manageable.

Dec 23 2014

Do You Have the Balls for this New Year’s Resolution?

Switching From An Office Chair To An Exercise Ball

by: Sharon DeVellis

Switching From An Office Chair To An Exercise Ball

I’m an active person who exercises five to six days a week. I irritate my kids by parking at the furthest parking spot when we go shopping, and we often work out together as a family. Yet I still spend about five hours a day in front of a computer screen.


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Sharon is a Common Sense Parent which is somewhere in between being free-range and helicopter. She believes in being active as a family and eating well 85% of the time. The other 15% is for the days when she's PMSing and then all bets are off. So far her parenting style has worked wonders for her two boys who astound her on a daily basis but that's not to say she doesn't have time to totally screw it up. She can't teach you how to keep your house clean while balancing a job and motherhood but if you're a mom who's struggling to figure it out, you've found your tribe.

You can follow Sharon on Twitter: @SharonDV

You can also visit her at: Speed Skating Mom: On The Slow Track To Becoming Fast

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