How Will You Celebrate Father's Day This Year?

We think dads are pretty rad. They play differently, parent differently and add a whole new dimension to their children's lives. We put together a collection of articles filled with fatherly advice and great gift ideas to help celebrate the dad in your life.

Five free ways your kids can let dad know how much he means to them without spending a cent.
While there's no shortage of Father's Day gift guides out there, they are all missing one thing–appealing to the manliest of senses–the sense of smell.

If the man in your life buys his own gadgets, toys, gift buying can be hard. Here's a list of gifts that are unexpected and won't end up being returned.
fathers day famous dads beckham
Finding inspiration in fatherhood: This is not your typical 'celebrity dad' list and the lessons are great for all parents. Do any famous dads inspire you?

quotes for fathers day
The father-daughter relationship can be quite complex but these quotes perfectly capture the love a dad has for his daughter.
How growing up with a dad that had to have the latest in tech all of the time stuck with this gadget girl forever.
advice from dad
From swinging fists to what really counts in life, this is the best advice our YMC team ever received from their dads.
Did you know Father’s Day is one of the top five special occasions Canadians choose to fire up the grill? Here are the perfect gifts for your grill master.
With dads taking a more involved role in childcare these days, it's time marketing departments—and the rest of us—quit portraying them as incompetent dolts.
Make dad laugh this Father's Day with these knee-slapping groaners.
Facial hair can add to a man's hotness or have him resembling a hobo. Check out the beards that make the face of these five celebs.
Dads get a bad rap often being portrayed as awkward and helpless when it comes to parenting. Not so with my husband! Here's why my guy is the ultimate dad.
Why Beards Are Better (And Why They Are Not)
Beards are awesome....until it reaches the Duck Dynasty/ZZ Top level. That's when you'll need this.
Skip the tired ties and humdrum tools. We've brewed up six eco-friendly ideas to show the dad in your life how much you love him.
Make this Father's Day a grill-free day and celebrate the men in your life without them having to man the barbecue.
Make this Father's Day a grill-free day and celebrate the men in your life without them having to man the barbecue.
A combination of lemon and lime that is a slice of sunshine.
by: Lara Katz
Release the inner boy inside your man with these six toys they would never buy for themselves.
Whether it's just you and fam or a patio party for all your friends, you'll be the boss of the backyard with these articles that will help you create the perfect barbecue.
by: YMC
Want to give your guy a Father's Day gift that matters? Share this with him—it could save his life.
They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us think—all in 60 minutes or less. Check out our top eleven favourite dads from television.
by: YMC
If your man were a bottle of wine, what wine would he be? Get creative this Father’s Day and pair your man’s personality with a bottle of vino.
Since polygamy is illegal, check out these four men that will add diversity to your child's marriage certificate required.
You only need three items to create this perfect Father's Day gift that's free and keeps on giving throughout the whole year.
A dry rub followed by a touch of sauce gives these oven-baked ribs fall off the bone flavour.
Torpedo the ties, discontinue the drills and get rid of the grills. This is what he really wants for Father's Day.
Metallica may not be the best choice for a song to soothe his baby but this guy's guy rocked the stay-at-home dad gig.
A Man of His Word
The words " sickness and in health" took on a whole new meaning when this mom fell ill and dad stepped up to the parenting plate.
Get ready to be amazed with these fantastic photos.
by: Alice Yoo
One mum recalls the few memories she has of her own father while celebrating the role her husband has in their daughter’s life
This year I'll score major “wife of the year" brownie points by presenting the best dad with a gift that will show him how special his kids (and I) know he is.
For a dad with young kids, Father's Day can turn into just another busy day. Stuntman Stu Schwartz dishes on his dream daddy’s day!
Jazz singer Tim Tamashiro admits that he does all the cooking in his house. Here he shares his fave recipe for a simple and sensuous family dinner.
Dear Dad-To-Be: I know you'll be the best dad you can be, above and beyond my wildest expectations.
If you think these rock 'n rollers are just about the music we're going to make you change your tune. Check out these ten dads who rock parenthood.
Make no misteak—if you follow this recipe you'll treat your dad to the best roast beef he'll ever eat.
Start a Father's Day list of resolutions and make this the year you're the best dad ever.
One of the simplest and best Father's Day gifts we've ever seen.
Broken glass, a bleeding child, sobbing sisters, and a lost puppy all rounded out the day for this father who will be getting a dad's day do-over.
Get to know your father by asking him these nine questions and recording the answers for posterity. It's a gift that will last many lifetimes.
by: Erica Ehm