Sex For Father's Day

Give A Guy Some Nookie

Ladies, let me be blunt.

Us guys are pretty easy to figure out. We like the simple things in life and while our individual tastes may differ, one thing we all love is quality time in the bedroom. So this Father’s Day when you are fretting over which gadget or tie to get us, why not skip those and give us what we really want: SEX!

I firmly believe that not enough couples talk about and enjoy their sex life as fully as they could. Do you know what your partners fantasies are? Do you experiment and play and try new things together and when you find something that you enjoy, keep on doing them? The more you talk, the more pleasure you both will get out of it.

This Father’s Day, get back to basics. Send the kids away for the night or get a babysitter and go to a hotel. Remember what your sex life was like before you had to sneak in a quickie while the kids were outside and let yourself go as you have sex everywhere and anywhere the urge strikes you. Make it a night about nothing but the two of you being intimate with each other. 

Make the night extra special by showing up in some sexy new underwear. Want to take it a step further? Consider a little “dress up” to really surprise him and to take it to the next level. (stockings or school girl skirts always work) Make sure he knows it is all about him by having him lay back and enjoy some prolonged and fulfilling oral pleasure. Not your usual thing? That’ll make it an even better gift.

Whatever you end up getting your hubby this year, I hope you take to heart my suggestion and make sure that intimacy is a part of your daily lives. Having a healthy sex life sure does make those hard times more bearable. 

If you go this route for your gift giving, be sure to let me know how it turned out. And remember, Mother’s Day will be here before you know it and it’ll be his turn!

C.C. Chapman is the Founder of Digital Dads and a professional creative. He works with companies of all sizes to embrace the changing world of online marketing and social media. He is an avid photographer, outdoorsman and family first entrepreneur. He lives outside of Boston with his wife, two children and dog Roxie.