Daddy Stand-Ins: When Other People Can Be "Dad" Too

A Plethora Of Delicious Daddies

Every yummy mummy occasionally fantasizes about having more than one delicious daddy for her children. One to drive the kids to swimming lessons, another to set up the new bunk beds, and yet another to kill that scary bug on the kitchen ceiling. But since polygamy is illegal, we can still take to heart that within our child’s life, there are many men who take on a bit-part-dad role. These men add flavour to a child’s life:

 Uncle Dad: If he doesn’t have kids of his own, it’s even better! Uncle Dad is never lazy. He won’t shoo the kids away when they ask him to play another game of hide and seek. He will toss them around, play the ‘monster’ in their make-believe games, and pretty much do anything they ask of him. Uncle Dad always buys them the coolest birthday gifts, like stilts or pogo sticks or complex science kits that you need a PhD to operate. Every child should have at least one Uncle Dad. How else will they ever get to eat a banana split for lunch?

 Cantankerous Grandpa Dad: This ‘dad’ role teaches our children that they will meet all sorts of personalities during their journey on earth. Not everyone is going to give in to all of their demands. Cantankerous Grandpa Dad teaches kids how to use their wit and their peacekeeping skills. Without a cranky Grandpa Dad, your kids will be in shock when they first meet their grouchy grade nine physics teacher!

 Sweet Grandpa Dad: On the flip side of the coin is the kindly grandpa. This ‘dad’ role will teach your kids how to make a whistle from a blade of grass. He’ll quietly and lovingly listen to your child’s stories over and over again and laugh at the end, even though he has heard it 26 times. He’ll teach them how to make a paper airplane, perhaps show them old war medals or old pocket watches, and he always has a few shiny coins to press firmly into their sweaty palms.

 Neighbourhood Dad: He’s the guy down the street with kids of his own. He’s also the kind of guy who genuinely likes kidsnot just his own. So, he always invites your kids over when he and his are flying a kite or playing Monopoly. He’ll teach your kids how to play cool games (who remembers Spud?) and will join in a game of tag at the local park. Neighbourhood Dad is usually very fit and eats loads of vegetables.

Of course, nobody can replace Real Dadthe dad who banishes monsters hiding underneath beds. The dad who will let the kids sit on his shoulders during a parade and who cheers the loudest during a soccer match. Real Dad has the starring role in your child’s life, but it’s nice to know there are other men to pick up the bit parts.

Lillian Canini is a mummy of two boys. She spends her spare time eating chocolate, ignoring the laundry and blogging about life with boys at