Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


Father's Day Activity: 52 Reasons I Love You Jar

A Gift that keeps on giving all year long

What can kids give Dad that is special, easy and, ahem, free?  THIS -> 52 REASONS I LOVE YOU Jar. 

This is a three-ingredient activity that kids can do as a gift for Dad—that keeps giving.

The Premise: 52 hand written by your kids notes saying "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE..." are dropped into a jar. Dad can pull one note out of the jar, every week, for the next year (see how it keeps giving?!) to read why he is loved. I won't mention that this is a good way to get the kids to practice their handwriting and brainstorming...because apparently when something becomes educational it's just not as much fun (according to my kids).

You only need 3 items for this activity:

A jar (look around your kitchen and see if you can re-purpose an old jar)

Post-its (or equally small note paper)

Crayons (or markers or pens depending on which your child prefers)

Then encourage your child to write their 52 I LOVE YOUs...

 I love you because you take me to soccer

 I love you because you smell nice after a shower

 I love you because you read to me

 I love you because you tell fart jokes

The notes can be serious or silly. Mix them up. And if 52 is a lot of writing for one child—split it up between siblings (or add your own).

I kinda love this activity because it gives kids the opportunity to really think about why Dad is special. 

Plus, did I mention that it's free?