Father's Day Activity: 52 Reasons I Love You Jar

A Gift that keeps on giving all year long

Father's Day Activity: 52 Reasons I Love You Jar

What can kids give Dad that is special, easy and, ahem, free?  THIS -> 52 REASONS I LOVE YOU Jar. 

This is a three-ingredient activity that kids can do as a gift for Dad—that keeps giving.

The Premise: 52 hand written by your kids notes saying "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE..." are dropped into a jar. Dad can pull one note out of the jar, every week, for the next year (see how it keeps giving?!) to read why he is loved. I won't mention that this is a good way to get the kids to practice their handwriting and brainstorming...because apparently when something becomes educational it's just not as much fun (according to my kids).

You only need 3 items for this activity:

A jar (look around your kitchen and see if you can re-purpose an old jar)

Post-its (or equally small note paper)

Crayons (or markers or pens depending on which your child prefers)

Then encourage your child to write their 52 I LOVE YOUs...

 I love you because you take me to soccer

 I love you because you smell nice after a shower

 I love you because you read to me

 I love you because you tell fart jokes

The notes can be serious or silly. Mix them up. And if 52 is a lot of writing for one child—split it up between siblings (or add your own).

I kinda love this activity because it gives kids the opportunity to really think about why Dad is special. 

Plus, did I mention that it's free?


Can You Be A Mompreneur And Be A Mom?


Can You Be A Mompreneur And Be A Mom?

iphone in one hand and baby in the other?  Skype call with a colleague while breastfeeding your baby?  Turning on the TV to a kid show for 20 mintues so you can finish one email?  Can you be a full time Mompreneur and full time caregiving Mom - both at the same time?  I seriously don't know.

And for the record - I did do a skype video interview while breastfeeding my son. I was discreet but it was not my most professional moment ever.  What could I do...newborn was feeding on demand - and it turned out he demanded just as I answered that skype do-da-dee ring. 

I have been writing a book during nap times for some time.  I find that nap time or after bed time are the ONLY TIMES in which I can work. 

I can give you 63 Fun Activities For Kids or share finger songs to sing together to keep the kids entertained but I cannot give you one activity which will give you a full hour of work time while your pre-schooler is occupied. 

Simply because most young children just can't be left alone for a long period of time (just yesterday, in the time it took me to put away one laundry basket my baby destroyed a tissue box -- pulling out every single piece of tissue and exploding it around my bedroom). 

The minute I try to open my computer the baby starts trying to crawl up my leg and my big kids ask if they can watch One Direction on YouTube.  How do Mompreneurs do it?

My own you want to be a successful work at home Mom - you need to work when the kids are asleep - or in the care of others.  I wonder how many Mompreneurs have a Nanny or reliable babysitter?  How many of them take their kids to part time day care?  How many just worked after bedtime like I do?

I strongly feel a woman can be both CEO and MOM....just not when the kids are in the room.

Every mom can use some help. Here are some tips and tools to help you succeed as a small business owner while raising kids.


Schedule Your Passion Into The Family Schedule

Make Time For Mummy

Schedule Your Passion Into The Family Schedule

Do you make time for yourself? Have you scheduled in YOUR activity on the family calandar? Here's why you need to give yourself permission to take "me-time" to pursue your passion...

You deserve it.

So simple right? But it took me years to figure this out. 

I scheduled the kids' sports activities on the family calander. I set up play dates for the kids and their friends. I hosted dinner parties for my family. I, happily, enabled everyone to do his or her favourite activities...everyone except me.

A few months after my son was born...I finally said...I need a night off...and it has to be weekly...and I'm putting it on the darn calendar! Me-time doesn't just have to purposefully schedule it.

Did I join a yoga class?  Have weekly tea date with a girlfriend?  Go to a bar?  No.  No.  No. 

I wrote a book.

It has been a lifetime goal to become a published author. I want to go into a brick-and-mortar bookstore, walk to the kids' section, look in the activity books area and find MY book on the shelves.  I. Want. This. For. Me.

And I realized that no one was going to come to me and say "Hey Caroline, we want to publish you!" No, the thing about achieving a goal is the same about carving out "me-time"...the only one who is going to make it happen is you.

So make time for Mummy!  Schedule your passion into the family schedule.  I'm doing it.  You should too.

Because WE deserve this and we are the only ones who can make it happen.