Plan a Great Outdoor BBQ

Summer is here and outdoor eating has begun. Whether it's just you and fam or a patio party for all your friends, you'll be the boss of the backyard with these articles that will help you create the perfect barbecue. Or simply hand over the barbeque tongs and apron to your partner and sip on a sangria while you savour the grill of victory.

The long weekend is just around the corner and I predict many a backyard BBQs (assuming one Mother Nature contains her temper and isn't PMSing)...
Grab your gauchos and get ready for mouthwatering flavour. This marinade is better than anything you can find in a bottle and whips up in seconds.

Honestly the best grilled mushrooms Maija has ever had.
Melt-in-Your-Mouth Grilled Lemon-Garlic Shrimp
This recipe is so simple and yet so tasty. It takes minutes to prepare but tastes like it takes a great deal more effort.

This is probably “not cho” first thought when it comes to BBQ fare but, here's a cheesy yummy treat to serve on our country's special day...
The eight best burger cooking tips to help you become the master of your meat.
Mixing bacon and broccoli is a sure-fire recipe for salad success.
Nothing can foil this recipe! Only four ingredients are needed for potatoes that can be cooked and eaten just about anywhere.
Make a big batch of this tangy barbecue sauce and slather up a storm of good taste on your grill.
Skip the deep-fryer, say goodbye to the oven and pull out the barbie. These zesty chicken fingers are cooked on the grill.
Potato Salad For Two Recipe
Craving potato salad but don't want to be eating it for days? This recipe is perfect for two with just enough leftover to pack a lunch the next day.
I recently discovered Elote, or Mexican grilled corn - a unique and tasty addition to a fall BBQ.
The kids can have hotdogs while you dine on this masterpiece of sweet tangy onions paired with spicy merguez sausage.
Bick's Macaroni Salad Recipe
Summer is the season of salads and this classic pasta salad will quickly become your go-to recipe for barbecues and beyond.
Try using tongs when cooking on steak on the grill. Here's why you should take our yummy advice.
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If serving a burger has been a rare event at your house over the past winter, fire up the barbie and make these super simple patties from scratch.
Before the egg sits out too long you must whip it, whip it good.
One of the easiest BBQ meals? Kabobs!
This salad is no sissy in the flavour department. By using different dressings you can create a cheesy version for the kids and add some spice for the adults.
Creamy Broccoli Salad Recipe
Broccoli is superfood filled with antioxidants, vitamins and fibre. Throw in the nuts and cranberries and you have a salad that packs a healthy one-two punch.
Chimichurri is a wonderfully aromatic Argentinian sauce made with fresh ingredients that compliments a flank steak perfectly. Bueno!
This BBQ season condiment guide will help keep calories in check so you can slip back into skinny jeans come fall.
Peach Sangria
A spectacular sangria requires only four ingredients: wine, booze, sugar, fruit.