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Top 6 Father's Day Grilling Gear And Gadgets!

This Father’s Day, Will You Be A Grill Gifter?

It shouldn't be difficult to choose a gift for dad this Father's Day.

Like a lot of dads I'm happiest in front of my grill. I love cooking up food that I know my family is going to absolutely love. There is no better feeling than sitting down to dinner and watching my kids devour my latest grilled recipe du jour. Did you know that Father’s Day is one of the top five special occasions that Canadians choose to fire up the grill (44%), according to a new Weber Canadian GrillWatch™ survey? 

To make your life a little easier here are 6 sizzling gift ideas from Weber at various price points for the master griller in your life:

If you've ever tried Southern smoked meat of any kind you already know the magic of 'slow and low' cooking. Smoking meat can often take 4 to 8 hours but it's well worth the wait! The incredible aroma wafting from your backyard will have the neighbours clamoring to get a dinner invitation. The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker has always been a favourite among backyard smokers for it's ease of use — especially in keeping a stable temperature in all kinds of weather. The new 14.5" model is easy to transport if you want to take it on the road to the cottage, to the game to tailgate , or on picnics. Dad will flip for this beauty! 
Don't let dad get out of making the side dishes for your Father's Day barbecue. This two-in-one set includes a sauté pan and a vegetable pan. The sauté pan is designed to also act as a lid over the vegetable pan. The slotted pan surface allows smaller pieces of food to pick up some of that great smokey grilled flavour. I love making grilled peppers and onions in my grill pan to use in homemade fajitas. 
Does dad often find himself low on grill space when the whole family comes over? This inventive grill rack allows him to cook at three different height levels to expand his cooking capacity. This set features skewers but additional accessories such as a vegetable basket are available to expand the variety of food dad prepares on this nifty elevated grill rack!  
I always joke with my kids that I'm going to have one of my hands surgically replaced with a set of grill tongs... According to Weber tongs remain the #1 grilling accessory used by Canadians (81%) — but that doesn't mean dad can ever have enough. It's a gift you know he's absolutely going to use again and again. The finely pointed tips on this model provide precise control for lifting and turning delicate items like shrimp or scallops. They also feature a hands-free locking mechanism making them extremely convenient to operate.
Burgers, burgers, burgers. There is never any doubt that hamburgers are a Father's Day winner at the dinner table. This brand new cookbook written by best-selling author Jamie Purviance will make sure dad's burgers will never be bland. It features 160 recipes covering all things 'burger' including plenty of burger tips, tricks and grilling basics. 
Transferring large cuts of meat from the grill and shredding them has never been so easy or fun! Let dad release his inner bear while preparing shredded beef, chicken or pork sliders with these stainless steel pointed tines. He'll love showing off for the family with these easy-to-use shredders.
Do you want to put dad to work this Father's Day with some delicious grilled dinner ideas? Check out this Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce or this Argentinian Grilled Chicken