Jen Warman: New Freakin' Mummy


Baby + Toddler + Coffee: Is This What Your Life Looks Like?

Have any of these things ever happened to you? Then you might just be the parent of a newborn

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NOTE: As I write this blog post, I have a sweaty six-week-old baby sleeping on my chest as I sit reclined awkwardly in my computer chair.

The past six weeks since Maeve was born have been hectic and awesome. I rarely get dressed before 2pm, and I don't remember the last time I wore my hair down. Bras are optional these days, and I maintain my hygiene by bathing with my kids. Glamorous, I know.

I'm not complaining though, not really. I'm enjoying my time at home with them both, even though it can be incredibly exhausting. Especially since my toddler still wakes up throughout the night, which is awesome. Thankfully, my newborn is kicking ass in the sleep department (though she turns into a grunty beast around 3am and keeps me awake 'til my toddler calls for me at 5:45am). Yawn. 

Thank goodness for a live-in Nana (my Mom) who lets me nap most mornings. Oh and coffee. I fucking love coffee.

Since it's hard for me to write complete sentences right now, let me create a little list of awesomeness that summarizes what my life has been like lately:

  • I let my toddler sit in his shitty diaper longer than I should have the other day, because I wanted to finish my coffee and he wanted to finish his episode of Bubble Guppies
  • When Maeve pukes, it almost always goes straight down my cleavage. Needless to say, I'm doing a lot more laundry these days.
  • I never remember what day of the week it is. That part is pretty awesome.
  • I visited my friends in the city the other night (with Maeve) and it took us 3 hours to get home because I stupidly tried to leave during her "witching hour" and she was a hysterical mess in the car. I had to pull over five times before I even got to the highway and ended up breastfeeding her in her carseat while pulled over in a Tim Hortons parking lot, which also doubled as a gang-hangout after 9pm (who knew?). Fun times.
  • Things I've said recently: "Don't impact-hammer your sister's face," and "Take your fingers out of your bum."

Alright, I'm building up a massive amount of sweat on my chest from Mave's hot little head.

The good news is, she's starting to exit the ugly phase of infancy! If you missed that post, you can read about it here. Or if you want to look at some drawings I made a while back, check them out here (random link, but like I said, I'm not thinking clearly).