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To the Person I Love So Much I Can Barely Put it Into Words


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Type type type. Erase.

Type type type. Erase.

That's how this blog post is going so far. 

Why, oh why, is it so hard to write a blog post about someone I love so much? Someone I say "I love you"  to every single morning, and every single night (and probably a few times throughout the day?) I guess it's because I want this post about my Mom to perfectly summarize the magnitude of my love for her. But that's an impossible task, isn't it? To take a lifetime of love and happiness and somehow find an accurate way to express it in words?  How do you write about someone else, when they feel so entwined with who you are that it's hard to tell where they end, and you begin? My Mom is me, and I am her - in many ways. 

I am grateful that I get to see my Mom every single day. My Mom lives with us, and she's the third parent to our children. She's my husband's sports-watching buddy, she's my son's "let's build this" co-conspirator, and my daughter's stand-in mummy-snuggler. See?

She's my best friend, and I often don't even need to tell her how I'm feeling.  She just knows. 

She knows when I need a hug, and she knows when I need space. She knows when something is bothering me, and I need to talk about it. She knows when I need a break, and she tells me to rest. 

She has been this way my whole life. She is just there in the most supportive and non-intrusive way.  I've tried to explain to people how she does this, and I've never been able to put it into words. And then I came across this article, and it accurately describes what my Mom has been doing so naturally, my whole life. She's been "holding space."  

Every day, my Mom makes me want to be a better person. She teaches me about patience, forgiveness, kindness, and faith. There isn't anything she wouldn't do to help a family member, friend, or even a stranger in need. She has literally given someone the coat off of her back, on more than one occasion. 

"You're going to get hypothermia!" I say. 

"I'm okay!" She grins. 

Who is the parent now?

As my Mom ages - but by no means is she old -  it gives me great pleasure to help look after her. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment to be able to provide for and look after my Mom after all of the years that she has worked tirelessly to provide for and look after me. 

My Mom is incredible, and I will never find the perfect words - so these ones will have to do. I will continue to love and cherish our time together every single day. 

Thank you Mom, for everything you do, and everything you always have done.

You are so incredibly loved.

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