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Did You Find Out The Gender Of Your Baby?

To Know Or Not To Know, That Is The Question

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WEDNESDAY, October 18th:

Tomorrow morning at 9am I'm having my 20 week anatomy ultrasound. The ultrasound tech will be counting all the fingers, all the toes, (and a bunch of other important stuff), and then will come the question that many parents agonize over...


*Insert dramatic duh-duh-duhhhhhhh music*

And here is the thing: I've always been on team "I love surprises" and I think nowadays (I sound like I'm 80) I'm in the minority. People LOVE finding out the gender. They want to plan. They NEED to plan. The idea of NOT PLANNING makes them weak in the knees and they start to vibrate with anxiety. They want to plan the nursery. They want to plan the name. They want to buy pink pink pink until it looks like someone puked Pepto Bismol all over their walls! Heaven forbid a child be dressed in grey, brown, green or yellow. Heaven forbid that someone mistake your newborn alien for the OPPOSITE GENDER. *gasp* How terrible, right? Don't even get me started on gender stereotypes and our need to dress girls and boys in certain colours and have them play with specific toys to begin with...

But...with all of this said...I sort of get it.

I hang my head in shame. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been tempted lately to find out the gender of this baby (I'm only embarrassed because it's so out of my character. I'm the surprise QUEEN!) But..I find myself drawn to the cute little plaid vests or the frilly pink skirts. What is wrong with me? Someone - please, take my temperature!! 

The truth is, my new found desire to find out the gender has nothing to do with wanting to buy gender specific clothing. I just have this overwhelming feeling that this baby is a girl, and...I want to know if I'm right! I certainly won't be disappointed if we have another boy (because boys are awesome) but I'm not very good at being patient when I'm excited about something and I sort of want to know NOW! Am I right, AM I?!?!?

So - I / we have a decision to make: should we find out the gender of our baby tomorrow? I posted this question on my Facebook page today, and I got a lot of various comments:

"Finding out is good for planning. More data = better!" (says my MBA strategic thinker friend)

"Dress up like a pioneer for a day or two to put yourself back into a headspace where it wasn't even a question? Plus, then you'd get to dress up like a pioneer!" (says my childhood friend - who understands my passion for playing dress-up)

"It's still a're just getting it earlier!" (says an old friend who makes an excellent point...)

"Don't find out! If I can make it through 6 (without finding out) you can do it!" (says a certain YMC blogger friend who has six kids)

Now stay tuned.. (actually - just scroll down) and I will update this blog post tomorrow once we've had the ultrasound...






A little further...




Keep scrolling....




THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 9:00am:


Well, I've just returned from our ultrasound...and...



We DIDN'T find out the gender!!!


I must say, I tempted myself beyond belief, but I stayed strong (now if only I could apply that willpower to chocolate). I asked the ultrasound tech if she was going to look. "Well...I don't have to." She said. And then five minutes later, she turned the screen away from me, "Okay, I'm going to look now." I tried to sneak a side glance but I really couldn't see anything. A few minutes later I asked her, "So...did the baby reveal it's gender to you?" She nodded and smiled.


And then, I swear, despite her thick Ukrainian accent I heard her say, "there is HER hand..." but...I could also be reading into things. Haha.

So there you have it folks - you'll have to wait until March to find out the gender of baby Warman #2!

Thanks for joining me in this journey...stay tuned!!