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Five Fashion Trends That Must Die

Please stop wearing this!

Believe me when I say, I am no fashion expert. Shopping for clothing is actually painful for me. I’m not adventurous at all, and stick mainly to the ho-hum. I admire people who can pull off new fashion trends as if they’d thought of it. I am not that person. I would just walk around feeling self-conscious and stupid. To each his own, right?

That being said, I can pull out the Judgey McJudgerson sometimes. It’s just because there are certain trends out there that make me want to rip my hair out. In my amateur opinion, these are styles that nobody can pull off. No one. It is my hope that the world will clean up its act before my daughters reach puberty.

So in no particular order of hatred, here are 5 fashion trends I wish would die a painful and sudden death.

 Baggy Jeans. Seriously? There are young men walking around bow-legged in order to keep their pants from falling down around their ankles. Do young girls really find this attractive?

 Leggings. Ali, our resident leggings cop, hates these too—unless they are worn properly. Here’s the thing though. Far more people are wearing them the wrong way than the right way. It is for this reason they need to die.

 Fuzzy boots. I could have said Uggs, but I don’t want to pick on all things Ugg, because they actually do have some nice styles of footwear. But those damn fuzzy boots drive me bonkers. Yes, yes, I know they’re comfortable, but so are my pajamas and we don’t wear those in public, do we?

 Pajamas. Oh wait. Yes, yes, we do. You know I give anyone under 20 a pass on this. I get it, you’re young. There are hormones and attitude all in play there. It’s annoying but I’m hoping you’ll get over it. BUT, c’mon, moms! Pull it together! I get it, pajamas rock. I’m a blogger, I totally get it. But when you can’t even pull on a pair of jeans to go get your groceries, you’re telling the world you just don’t give a crap.  

 Too-short skirts. I’m not talking mini-skirts. Mini-skirts look modest next to these. These are micro-skirts and every young girl is wearing them. Here’s some advice. You don’t look good ladies. General rule of thumb, I shouldn’t see your gitch or your va-jay-jay when you bend over. It’s repulsive. And you don’t look sexy, just silly.