Which of These Pantene Products Will Tame Your Summer Hair?

Products and Tips for Fuss-Free Summer Hair

Which of These Pantene Products Will Tame Your Summer Hair?

Which of These Pantene Products Will Tame Your Summer Hair?

I love the carefree attitude that accompanies summer. Everything just gets easier. I worry less about bedtimes and having a clean house. And yes, we can have cereal for dinner when it’s too hot to cook. I let go of routines and become more spontaneous in all that I do. It’s a feeling that permeates everything, right down to my beauty routine. After all, there’s too much living to do in a very short time frame to be fussing in the bathroom with hair and make-up.

The first thing I do is let go of heavy make-up. My daily routine consists of a great moisturizer, sunscreen, a lip balm, and quick coat of waterproof mascara. As for hair, I'm all about easy styles and I let mother nature coif my do. Summer can really beat up hair with harsh sun, chlorine, salt, and humidity, so for us, healthy hair starts in the shower.

I’ve been passing on my fuss-free summer hair attitude to my girls and encouraging them to work with what they’ve got. 

I’ve long been a fan of Pantene’s 3-Minute Miracle for a number of reasons. First, it works on every hair type, and with different hair needs in my house, it’s the only conditioner I need in the shower. Second, it’s the perfect summer hair conditioner. Just like we always put on sunscreen, we always add a bit of 3-Minute Miracle to our dry hair when playing in the sun, because the heat from the sun activates it. We're able to let the rays do all the work keeping our hair moisturized and healthy. So easy.

For the past week, my daughters and I have been using a variety of Pantene’s products that were sent to us. The package arrived with some useful styling tips about taking care of summer hair which we tried out. Here's what we learned.

Work Those Curls

My eldest daughter has gorgeous curls, but in the summer, humidity isn’t her friend. Think Lion King, and you’d have a good visual of what her hair can do when the humidex soars. We've searched for a product that would control her frizz but no luck. This week, we tried Pantene’s Pro-V Curl Scrunching Spray Gel when the humidex in Ottawa hit a very muggy 41C. Let’s just say the conditions were ripe to see if it would really work.

Gorgeous, right? And nary a frizzy piece of hair anywhere.

She simply towel dried her hair after washing and then used the 3-Minute Miracle, combed it out, sprayed in the Scrunching Gel and let mother nature do the rest. That my friends, is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

By following the tips from Pantene's Consulting Stylist, Justin German, my daughter had two more awesome days of summer hair. On day two, she slipped her hair into two braids after spraying Pantene’s Dry Shampoo into the roots of her hair to help give it a little lift. On day three, she threw her hair up into a messy top knot using Pantene’s AirSpray to keep the flyaways down.

With these few simple styles, she’s ready for a month away at summer camp!

Braids, Top Knots, and Ponytails...Oh My!

Meet my in-home hairstylist and youngest daughter. This kid is addicted to YouTube videos of hair how-tos and is always trying new styles on herself, her sister, me, the dog — whomever will sit still, really. As you saw above, her sister has thick, curly locks, but this kid has fine, stick straight hair. She grabbed the Pantene Pro-V Utimate 10 BB Crème before I did and ran. Not hard to see why after she showed off some sleek new styles for me. This beauty balm is a 10-in-1 Hair Perfector that can be used on wet or dry hair and is ideal for summer hair. This BB Crème protects against heat, tames fly-aways, moisturizes, offers frizz control and makes hair shine.

Style, Restyle, Repeat 

I'm heading to Mexico in a few days to film a travel video and I'm going to be putting my hair through the ringer. I've been playing with the new Pantene Expert Collection shampoo and conditioner for the last week, though and I'm ready for anything the elements throw at me—sun, chlorine, sand and sun, not to mention the colour damage I do to it. 

The Pantene Expert Collection features Advanced Pro-V Molecular Technology, brand new concentrated Pro-V formulas that really makes your hair look and feel beautiful. This is part Pantene's higher end products that work on big hair issues such as age, intense hydration, intense repair and intense colourcare. 

Bottom line? After a week, my hair looks awesome, thankyouverymuch.

So after a week of playing with these fun products, what's my favourite new summer style inspired by Justin German? Before going to bed, I pile a loose bun on top of my head and then another bun in middle of my head – separating the buns allow for an even distribution of curls. In the morning (after coffee of course), I unleash the buns and gave my hair a spritz of Pantene Airspray (which is alcohol free so it doesn't dry out my summer hair). Then, a quick comb through with a wide tooth comb, a clip in the back, and I'm ready to seize the day.