Heavenly Holiday Confections

Sweet Entertaining and Gift Ideas

Heavenly Holiday Confections

Before you watch this video, know that I’m better suited for print.

This wasn’t the first video by the way. I made another one that was 8 minutes long and was just me eating, and oohing and aaahing a lot. But I thought that was cruel of me, to show how much I was enjoying all the Sensations by Compliments goodies from Sobeys. It might have caused me to lose a few friends, considering I wasn’t sharing.

You should also know that when the opportunity for this blog came up I jumped at it, not just because of the confections, although, not gonna lie, that was a major PLUS, but because I’m actually a big Sobeys fan.

The owners of the Sobeys where I shop are one of the most community minded couples I know. For me, that’s a big draw. Second, I like that I don’t have to traipse through the automotive department to get my strawberries. You get what I’m saying here, right? It’s an actual grocery store. No underwear, toys or tires. I’m also a Club Sobeys member and I love the savings I get. You see? I’m a legitimate, card carrying Sobey’s fan. I say it’s karma that I was lucky enough to taste their confections just in time for the holidays.

So back to the sweet stuff. I am not kidding about the Sensations by Compliments Milk Chocolate Covered Toffee Sponge. Run, don’t walk, to get this. Then hide it. It’s ok. There are lots of other things for sharing. Like the Swiss Biscuit Collection. My favorite was the Triangolos. Oh, who am I kidding? They were all good. Biscuit heaven I tell you. HEAVEN.

Because I’m a trooper I made sure I tasted everything for you....multiple times. The Butter Fudge? Crumbly, buttery, and sugary! Hello, all the things good fudge should be. As if that weren’t enough, they also sell it dipped in chocolate. I know what you’re thinking. “Did she hide that too?” Maybe.

Then there’s the Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles? Holy Hannah, these are so good and they’re from Belgium. What? You don’t get Belgian Chocolates from Mississauga now do you? For gifts this year for the bus driver, the coaches, myself....I’m giving the Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch or the Belgian Assorted Chocolate Gift Box. Told you I was giving.

I fancy myself a bit of a Suzy Homemaker, especially around the holidays, and I make pretty much everything from scratch. Except confections. Confections are hard and really, really time consuming. This year I plan on putting Sobeys Sensations by Compliments out through the holidays, mixed with my own home baked goodies and passing them off as my own. Won’t my friends and family be impressed!? Kidding. I am so kidding. Maybe.

Finally, there is one small matter of the missing Swiss Milk Chocolate and Nougat Bar. I know who took it. I know why this person took it. I think this person needs to admit they have a problem with Swiss chocolate nougat bars, *cough Bill cough* and then we can get them the help they so desperately need. I can only surmise that it was exceptional because not a trace of it was found anywhere. Apparently, the culprit has a better hiding place than I do.

Do I think you’re going to enjoy Sobeys' Sensations by Compliments? Does Canada get cold in the winter? Of course you’re going to love them. Find a good hiding spot....I mean, er, share your Sensations by Compliments with your favourite people.

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Five Can't Miss Attractions in Jamaica

Fun In The Sun

Five Can't Miss Attractions in Jamaica

When you get to Jamaica, try to tear yourself away from the crystal blue waters and soft white sand to go enjoy one or all of these incredible excursions.

Dolphin Cove

If you do nothing else during your entire vacation, make sure you get out to do this! Being able to interact and engage with these incredible mammals is the thrill of a lifetime. Dolphins are intelligent, gentle and even funny. There are a variety of experiences to choose from for every comfort level. You and your children will walk away with memories for a lifetime. There are two Dolphin Coves in Jamaica, one in Ocho Rios and their newest park in Negril.

  Captain Hook Jamaica

There is only one word to describe this attraction. F-U-N. From the moment you arrive on the pier at the new Falmouth port, you know you're in for a treat. Great music, entertaining and hilarious crew, dancing, games and great food. What else do you need for a great time? While I wouldn't recommend this for families with really young children, I wouldn't hesitate to take my 7 and 9 year olds aboard. While your kids might be a little tired, maybe you can get them to sleep in the next morning, right? Check out Captain Hook Jamaica for more information.

YS Falls

The journey to YS Falls is part of the fun. Nestled in a lush valley, halfway between Montego Bay and Negril, the area is green, mountainous and breathtaking. If you spend the entire week on the beach you'll miss all this! YS Falls is the perfect place to come and enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings and find peace within. That is, if you're into that kind of thing. You're going with your family so you're probably looking for more adventure like tubing, swinging off of ropes into water below raging falls and zip lining. See that speck zipping over the falls in the picture? That's me. I am simultaneously crapping my shorts and giggling wildly from the exhilaration of it all. Just frickin' awesome.

Black River Safari

It's a well known fact that I have a intense irrational fear of things that might eat me. So, I don't recommend this tour lightly. Trust me though, it is 100% safe, despite what you see in the accompanying photo. No, our tour guide did not lose his hand in the next photo. Take a boat tour down Jamaica's largest navigable river and observe mangroves, rich vegetation, tropical birds and many, many crocodiles. *shivers* This is the perfect tour to pair with your trip to YS Falls.

Rose Hall Great House

Make sure you stop here to learn about Jamaica's history with the kids. The house has been exquisitely restored and it feels as if you've stepped back in time. It's also spooky. Enjoy a Witches' Brew at the bar and restaurant just outside of the dungeon. Yikes. Then stop in at the gift shop to pick up some literature about Jamaica's incredible history or some beautiful artwork.


A Vow of Silence For Free The Children

Help Create Awareness For Worldwide Childhood Injustices

A Vow of Silence For Free The Children

My dearest mothers-in-arms,

I swear to you from the bottom of my heart that I do not throw this out to you for anything but the purest of reasons. My intentions are totally and completely above reproach. Please keep this in mind.

On November 30, children around the globe will take a vow of silence for 24 hours to raise money and awareness for those children who are denied their human rights and their voice. Through Free The Children, this incredible silent protest will help put a spotlight on the injustices many children around the world experience.

I am always looking for ways for my children to become involved, but often they are too young to participate quite yet. The Vow of Silence is a perfect way for them to learn about the plight of their peers in other countries and contribute to a meaningful cause.

So, we’re signing up and I am in telling you that in no way will I enjoy the silence. Tee hee.


P.S. Check out the Free the Children’s Vow of Silence page. Let me know if your kids sign up. We can help each other through those very quiet 24 hours. :)