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The Summer Rules

Summer makes me more relaxed but for a happy household, rules must still be followed.

I don't know about you, but when summer arrives, my whole outlook changes. I'm more carefree, I'm happier, and I drink way more. Kidding about that last one.

Okay, not really, I totally drink more, which means my upbeat mood could be attributed to the sangria but for the purposes of this blog, we'll give the extra sunshine the credit. 

The bottom line is this though, I tend to care less about work and more about living. It's the short season in Canada that does it, of that much I'm sure, but as far as I'm concerned I don't want to waste a single second of it.

Now that the kids are almost out of school our summer rules are about to kick in. Only two more sleeps.

The Summer Rules

Children will be bathed in the swimming pool until Labour Day.

How good a child’s day was will be measured by the dirt under their fingernails. Outside = good. Inside = forbidden


Camping in the backyard is a must, along with s'mores over the fire.

Any child who wakes before 7:30 a.m. will automatically go to bed one hour later that night. NO exceptions.

Mom will not say no to sleepovers with besties.

The television only gets turned on when it's raining or when it's dark.

Summer camp is mandatory.

Impromptu gatherings with friends are encouraged with the understanding that a) guests are permitted only in the backyard and must wear blinders to the bathroom, the only room I’ve cleaned for their arrival and b) your children are to be taken home with you. No trying to sneak them in after I’ve had a few drinks. 

Dear Husband, when the temperature soars above 35, imagine an invisible line down the middle of our bed and if you cross that invisible line, imagine my hand slapping you upside the head. 

Weekends are spent living, not cleaning. 

Sangria, is the official drink of summer.

All cries of “I’m bored” will result in a healthy dose of homework.

Bob Marley, Kid Rock and Jimmy Buffett will be played loud and often.

The only food prepared in the kitchen is a bowl of cereal. Everything else is done outside in the man den.

Finally, this isn't so much a rule as it is a mantra. Marvel in the beauty of the season. Summer is way too short in the Great White North. Get out and enjoy every minute of it. In six months, you’ll be looking to book a flight to find weather like this.

With that, I gotta run. Kids are filthy. Time to dip them in the pool.

What summer rules do you follow?