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I've Got The Winter Blues

Remind Me Why I Live Here Again?

Baby it's cold outside?

Hell no.

How about baby it's so ridiculously freezing that exposed skin can freeze in a minute outside! Doesn't have quite the same ring to it, but you get what I'm putting down here. It's bloody cold. Which makes me pouty and a little bit resentful of everyone who lives in Hawaii. Or the Florida Keys. D'oh I really hate those people in the Keys right now!

This is our hellish forecast for this week. By the way, whoever said hell was hot, obviously didn't experience this kind of existence. The air is so cold that it hurts your chest when you breath in. Your little tiny nose hairs become little tiny nose icicles. And everything is crunchy. Brrrrrr.

Yesterday I wrote a post about my favourite beauty products for cold weather and how to keep your kids from becoming popsicles in this weather and after I was done, I thought "I'd rather be writing about how to get sand off your feet. Why do I live here again?"

I know there's something that I love about my home and native land, but I my brain is frozen and can't process the information. What was it again? Remind me.